What’s Your Winter Beauty Routine?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Maybe it was the change in the weather, but I’ve had an off and on cold that has kept me from getting much done, including blogging for the past week. I finally decided that staying in bed was doing no good and decided to catch up with some friends for brunch and shopping and even made it to the flea market this weekend. Having a little fun was just what the doctor ordered and now my thoughts are about ways to stay healthy and happy as we move into winter.


When I say I love KORRES products, it’s more like an Annie Hall moment: Love is too weak a word for what I feel — I lurve you, you know, I loave you, I loff you, two F’s.  Decadent and delicious KORRES Body Butters are packed with shea butter, quince extract, sunflower, almond and avocado oils–just trust me, they’re amazing. They come in 10 different scents and at the moment I’m trying out the Guava Body Butter (a barely there scent) and their creamy-foam Shower Gel for an extra moisturizing boost. I think this duo would also make for a great gift…at the very least for yourself.


Because it’s easy to forget about sun protection (not to mention car keys, house cleaning, stocking the refrigerator etc) my skin cream and foundation both contain spf so that I never have to think about it. Ideally sunscreen should be reapplied before going outside, even in the winter when rays can be just as intense. I’m loving COOLA sunscreens, which contain 70%+ organic ingredients. COOLA’s Classic Face SPF 20 Cucumber Moisturizer will keep the delicate skin on your face sunburn free, while the Classic Body SPF 30 Plumeria Moisturizer will keep your body soft and protected. It’s also light and non-greasy and I like wearing it so much that I’m actually remembering to put it on.


Did you know that the lower moisture content in the air during the winter literally pulls moisture away from your skin? Me neither. I never understood body wash, it seemed like just one more thing to add to the beauty to-do list, but lately I’m into earthy scented Savannah Bee Honey Body Wash and found that it’s a great way to clean and hold more moisture in your skin and much better for your skin than soap. I also learned a few cool things about honey. Not only is it a gentle cleanser that exfoliates your skin naturally, it also contains a complex protein that promotes elasticity in the skin and honeybees use Propolis to seal and protect their hive, which does the same for your body. I think you’ll love these handy little honey body washes and at $10 each, they won’t break the bank.

So tell me, how do you change your beauty routine when the weather gets colder?

Please share your winter beauty secrets!

p.s. If you haven’t checked Magical Mined yet, I hope you’ll pop over. It’s my new decor blog and we’re kicking things off with HGTV guru David Bromstad, who stopped by today to give me a little advice as the decorating magic begins…

  1. I had no idea about the air drawing out moisture form our skin. Boo! I usually switch to Cerave hydrating cleanser and moisturizing with coconut oil during the winter months.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather . Do take care and kick that cold to the curb.

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog anniversary post. I’m working on some new recipes/restaurant reviews.

  2. i love korres too! i always have pretty dry skin so my beauty regiment stay about the same year round – lots of lotion and moisturizer!

  3. Hi ! Thank you for making a point to include SPF in your “Winter Beauty Routine”.
    It is so important to wear SPF year-round, and in terms of an anti-aging product, it is your best skincare defense!
    Thank you for including COOLA! 🙂

  4. I really like the look of this body wash, but have a feeling it’s not available over there. As for my skincare routine – I don’t really change it as the product I’ve got seem to to the job pretty well. However, I did swap a few lately – posted about one of my new favourites today. 🙂

  5. OMG that first picture made me spit my tea out! Ha. I’ve actually been stealing some aquaphor from my kids…I use for their dry skin…but works wonders for me too!

  6. Good morning !

    Oh I hope you start to get back to your regular self soon! I believe in changing my beauty routine for the seasons, yes! The changes in temperature and air quality require it, and one of the things I’ve learned is that it’s not just SUMMER when we need to keep hydrated, but also in the winter. I live in Minneapolis, and our winters are brutally cold and dry. So extra water is a must and of course, heavier moisturizers. Enough sleep AND recreation. I so hope you start to feel better, and thank you so much for visiting! Anita

  7. I hope you continue to feel better doll, no fun when we feel unwell. These products look wonderful. I love the sound of this Savannah Bee Honey Body wash. My skin gets really dry during this season, so lots of cocoa butter is a must. I try to use natural products as well, because the others tend to just dry out my skin or irritate it. I hope you have a lovely week doll & get better soon. Xxx

  8. sounds like a fabulous weekend! just wore the pony boots today. they’re so cute but a tad tight. haha. but the leather is nice so they should stretch 🙂 i’m glad you encouraged me to buy them.

  9. Hi ! 🙂 How are you? Oh my, what a cutieee!! This is Burmese, I guess?? My Burmese tom-cat is exactly like this, even the colour! Is he/she yours??

    I’ve never tried Korres but it sounds tempting! So, I think I’d give it a try!
    Get well soon and take good care of yourself!:)


  10. do you know I’m doing a feature with Savannah Bee Honey Body Wash Thursday 🙂 HaHaHa For the winter, MOISTURIZER! Because i get so dry. Hope you’re having an amazing week

  11. You’ve featured such brilliant products, i love the look and sound of the body washes.Thanks for stopping by sweetheart 🙂

  12. My black cat never liked having a bath! however I too love Korres and Nuxe body oil when my skin gets very dry.

  13. I love that you included sunscreen in your list. It is so important to use that even in the winter, especially since I live on the freezing East Coast. I have found that a natural sunscreen works better for my sensitive skin and it doesn’t give me the white cast. It adds an extra step to my routine but prevention is key if we want to stay young, right?

  14. Oh sweetie, I love KORRES. I used their cosmetics daily and I love what they stand for. I also use simple baby loton every single day as during winter my skin gets dry. Kisses and hugs

  15. I do like Korres, I’ve tried a few things form them. At the moment I am using my goto Ole Henriksen skincare. Winter months to me means a great moisturiser. That Lemongrass Spearmint sounds interesting! Congrats on the new interior blog! Hope you have a good and restful of the week.

  16. Ooh the honey body washes sound wonderful! Body butter is of course a winter must and thanks for the reminder to keep using sunscreen! UVA and UVB rays still keep coming all year round!

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