What To Do About The Whole Ugly Sandal Thing

The ugly sandal–and I’m cringing a little as I write this–yes, the ugly sandal has made it’s way into my life. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, it’s a movement endorsed by hipsters, very old ladies and Vogue. I’m pretty sure that the gold leather makes mine non-normcore. Well that’s a relief.

If you must know, I’m no stranger to fugly. I’m a secret Ugg Dakota lover, but only in the privacy of my own home. Still there were no plans to embrace the ugly sandal trend, but I had a little help. These showed up on my doorstep from Vionic at the end of Friday, and without remembering the part about how they might provide almost instant relief from my lower back pain and stiff neck (thank you computer), I slipped them on and headed out for Mexican food. Vionics have a very high arch support, or maybe it’s not that it’s high, it’s just that they have arch support, which felt a little strange since none of my ballet flats from Gap to Chanel have it. The sensation was so unusual I had to keep them on. I was already liking the way that they felt, but when I looked down, my new Orthoheels took some getting used to. Then I remembered all the hours I stand while I work these days and reconsidered the drawbacks of form over substance otherwise known as how to make yourself feel guilty for having shallow thoughts and expensive shoe taste.

When I finally read the fine print, I learned Vionic Orthoheel technology, built directly into all of their shoes, provides almost instant relief from many kinds of lower body and leg stress so they’re great for athletes as well as any one who suffers from leg, hip, foot, spine, etc aches and pains. I’ve been wearing mine all weekend and I’m hooked.

Are you on the ugly shoe train or off, like so off you can’t be my friend if you see me wearing these?
{Please don’t judge me until you’ve walked a mile in my ugly sandals!}
And that’s my #solestory for the week.

  1. As a runner, I don’t care how ugly they are. I don’t want something that will destroy my feet.

  2. I have to say, for a pair of “ugly shoes,” these aren’t bad at all! In fact, I really like them; there’s a pair of black ones from F21 that looks similar that I’ve been eyeing. I can’t wait to see what you pair them with.

  3. As far as the “ugly sandal” trend goes, I think yours are cuter than the Birkenstocks I’ve been seeing around. And if they’re extra comfy, isn’t that just a bonus?s.

  4. Ahh…this are not bad. Quite cute really, I like the silver colour. Some sandals people wear are terrible, so these come no where near it!!

  5. I’m usually on the comfort side, because I like to walk (although right now I want to wear only heels and it’s like learning to walk again), but I admit I want my comfortable shoes to look pretty, too. If you’re enjoying yours, then that’s all that matters.

  6. Honestly I think you made them look modern and cool with your awesome pedicure and the gold metallic is fab.
    Hope you had a great weekend!!!!

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