Turning Over A New Leaf

Ah, but which leaf to turn, that is the question…

Obviously I didn’t turn over the one that said ‘don’t eat fudge’. In fact, I didn’t even get the memo that no one eats the stuff any more {except me…a few weeks past Christmas}.

Happy New Year by the way! I don’t even make New Year’s resolutions except for that one year when I resolved that I would always have a pen with me. It kind of worked. Around Christmas I decided I’d start adding a plant every week to my house or garden. But the golden Bunny ear cactus I added {see Magical Mined} had little whispy stickers that caused so much agony that I gave up on that leaf real fast–note to self, don’t try to turn over cactus leafs. Oh, and if you haven’t stopped by, Magical Mined is the new decor/diy blog I started about 8 weeks ago. I can’t say how long that leaf will stay turned, but I’m having fun with it.

Could it really be as simple as changing one little thing? If you follow me on instagram then you know that my leaf turned is literally these leaves. I’m painting again, a lot.

Have you turned over a new leaf this new year?

  1. I do like is to challenge myself to dream bigger, to try new things, to learn new things and to push past comfort zones.

  2. Ooh I love the colored leafs. Hopefully this year will be different. Last year was really eventful but too much stress and drama. This year I am determined to be less stressed.

  3. I don’t know how you have time to do anything with TWO! blogs and a fashion business. That new plant every week is such a lovely resolution. I will have to stick to repeating my one from last year – got to get book done

  4. These re so simple, but quite beautiful. I love bright colours against black. I didn’t make resolutions, just some little changes, but I won’t get upset like some do if I don’t get them done. I hope your new week is starting out well doll, I hope you enjoy xx

  5. Beautiful post!
    Are these leaves painted? By you? Love their shining colours! Painting…it’s in my talents wishlist! 😀
    May you have many beautiful leaves to turn over this year!

  6. How cool that you’re painting again! I say it’s perfectly ok to have a little more fudge as long as it’s balanced with good ‘ol cardio!

  7. Are you kidding me with these paintings? They are beautiful. The blue one is simply magical and the pink one has an element I cannot describe.

    Is there no end to your talents, girl? 😉

    PS. I owe you an email, I haven’t forgotten. Expect a long one with you morning coffee soon 😉

  8. Those images are gorgeous (are those the paintings you were talking about?) And nothing’s wrong with a bit of fudge!

  9. I love this post so much and I adore that you started to paint:) How amazing. Have a beautiful Tuesday, sweetie and talk to you soon:) xoxo

  10. Loved this! I try to make little changes of progress. That’s what I call them. It’s an ongoing thing. Always a challenge. I like that you do what you love. That’s what is important.

  11. Good evening! It’s little, consistent steps that help us turn over that delicate leaf…I believe that’s the best way to find out if the thing we seek to change really will be right for us. A little fudge? Not so bad! Enjoy what the new year holds for you my dear, and thank you so much for coming by to visit! I suspect your weather is good…not ours! Tomorrow will be the second day school is cancelled for us teachers! I will have been off two weeks and two days!

    I’m following you on Instagram now…I just joined a few days ago.

    LOVE! Anita

  12. Glad that you’re painting once more and turing new leaves. I jsut made small goals, one including me going without beans, bread and/or rice for the month January. It’s very difficult, but so far so good. 🙂

  13. oooh, i love these images. i do think that change is really best approached by trying to change your thinking a little. i mean that is what it takes anyway right? painting is something i would like to do more of. and being as i don’t do any now, any amount would be more. i am not a painter at all, but it’s so cathartic. xo

  14. I FINALLY checked out Magical Mined! Love that sealer post and those Donna Karan pillows! How did I miss this? Ah my life is insanity. Haha. But seriously hope you are well and that your holidays and new Year were wonderful. These images are so cool too!

  15. So beautiful! Little changes like this makes a huge difference! 🙂

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog sweetie! Let’s be friends on Facebook if you wish and stay in touch! <3

  16. Congrats on your new blog. I checked it out and love it. Wish you lots of success. I always make resolutions but don’t last that long.

  17. Turning a new leaf can be really difficult. I tried to turn a few last year and although it was very difficult at times, it was all worth it in the end. I think making small changes is the way to go. Sometimes even changing a routine that you might enjoy on a daily basis can be good. Or taking a different route to work can bring a surprise, or you’ll see something you never saw before.
    Not easy, but worth it, i think.

    Red xx

  18. Wow, you are multi-talented running two different blogs, it takes dedication. I like the idea of adding a plant not every week but every month for me maybe.

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