Taking The Jitney To Happiness

Hello friends, I’ve missed you! My schedule this past year has been on on overload and in case you haven’t heard via instagram, I’ve been in NYC editing and writing a book with Melissa Lee, who does amazing healing work and am developing ways that her work will incorporate art therapy into the mix.  I’ve also been attending the Art Students League of New York full time and getting away on the weekends, so there hasn’t been much time to check in here. I’m going to do my best to blog a bit more the rest of this summer, I pinky swear.

Before we get to the Jitney of Happiness, first a quick announcement: my instagram, twitter and pinterest accounts have all changed from trustyourstyle to my name, Mary Jo Matsumoto. If you already follow me, you don’t need to do anything. And if you’re not…please do! Instagram is the one place I try and show up regularly. Also my business Facebook account will be closing in a week as I always forget to check it, but I’d love it if you’d join me on my personal Facebook.

Okay, so today is all about how not to pack for a long weekend like me. If you’re smart, you will bring this glorious Tammy Fender Treatment Kit with you.

I am the hugest Tammy Fender fan – this luxury line of organic skin care is in a league of it’s own – think lavender, baby soft skin and delicious in every way. (I really love a beauty product if I go to the bother of keeping it in the refrigerator the way I do with my jar of Tammy Fender Spontaneous Recovery Cream). This kit is called the Teenage Treatment Kit, and I think it’s perfect for travel because skin seems to act up the most when we’re traveling. It contains travel size Purifying Cleansing Gel, Essential C Tonic, Clarifying Dermagel, Antioxidant Creme, Epi-Peel and Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil.

So there you have it, this is the one and only travel kit that I feel good talking about. I get pitched a lot about including products for summer travel posts…and for the most part I decline as I really am the world’s worst packer. Are you thinking, how annoying, she of the private bell boy and stacks of LV luggage? I wish! Despite my best intentions, so far on my summer excursions I have arrived without a toothbrush, sweater or phone charger.

For example, here is what I took with me for a weekend in the Hamptons a couple of weeks ago.

The watercolors made it. The sweater did not. What actually arrived with me besides art supplies was a beach towel and my Laguna Shimmer leather tote filled with beauty products. Again, I’m not recommending this course of action, but 10 years as a beauty editor will make you do crazy things. No lie, this is what made the cut, left to right:

Ibiza Detangling Comb – it’s the best hair tool ever (except for Ibiza brushes) and I decided I didn’t need a brush at the beach (not sure that decision was the right one).

DV Mascara – I have grown to love this mascara!

Inphenom Shampoo – it’s from Japan. My friend Aaron gave it to me and told me it was good stuff – it is!

Coola Cucumber Matte Finish SPF30 face sunscreen with antioxidants that fight free radicals, aging and provide sun protection. Not shown: Coola SPF30 Plumeria body organic sunscreen, it hydrates and protects. These are my favorite sunscreens because they’re organic, weightless and not too sticky + resist water up to 80 minutes!

Burts Bees Day Lotion SPF30 – A great daily go-to. I love the built in SPF30.

Murad Invisible Perfecting Shield SPF30 – I know you see the SPF overkill happening but I warned you about my packing skills and you never know when you’re going to need the specially formulated blurring effect, especially on vacation!

Straw hat from Urban Outfitters

Sea scented candle –  hostess gift

Mary Jo Matsumoto South Sea Pearl Earrings (available in our LA showroom and online)

Bella Rose Perfume – It’s the perfect size for travel and I love the light scent.

Blossom Lip Gloss – my inner 15 year old loves this stuff!

Ophelia Medallion Beach Towel – every flower child needs one of these!

I got this Wildfox I Took the Jitney sweatshirt in the Hamptons and was really happy about it (except for the part where I was really really cold on the Jitney.) If you’ve never heard of the Jitney then you must read this. Personally I did not sit next to Marc Jacobs, although that would’ve been nice. I left super early in the morning and opened one eye to see that my seat mate was wearing khaki shorts embroidered with whales and promptly went to sleep. However he was very nice and offered me his Wall Street Journal when I woke up. As you can probably surmise, my news most days comes from PureWow and not the WSJ, so the Jitney even stimulates the intellect if you’re so inclined.

Wishing you a wonderful July!

p.s. Are you a good packer? Please tell me your best packing tips in the comments below as I hope to one day reform!

  1. It’s so great to see you back via the blog! I did notice your posts around NY and was wondering what you were doing there. It’s so cool to hear that you’re furthering your artistic endeavors there! It would be lovely to meet some time in NY and you’d probably have better recommendations than me on what to eat and where to go in NY! My next trip there will be a pretty short one though because I’ll mostly be in upstate NY.

    I forgot that we are already Facebook friends and hope to see more of your posts soon!


  2. Hi, Mary Jo!! It’s great to see you blog again or, at least, trying your best to do so! :))) Been missing you! Anyway, you are involved into interesting activities, and that’s really wonderful!!

    Hmm…i don’t know if i may call myself a good packer, but i always make a list of things to carry with me, and… i don’t know why, but my toothbrush is, traditionally, #1 to be packed! 😀 Often, i bring more things with me than i really need, just in case… Anyway, nothing is, thus, forgotten! 😀

    And… love to pry into someone’s handbags! :)))
    Good top too!

  3. How exciting that you’re working on a book! I enjoy seeing your posts on Instagram and noticed the name change too:-). Love that hat and thanks for the intro to those lovely products! Plus they are organic; love that!

  4. The art therapy part in your work with Melissa Lee sounds exciting. Looking forward to reading more about it.
    That beach towel … want.it!

    PS. Who illustrated that cute Hamptons map?

  5. Hi!!!!
    Great seeing you back; I missed you!!!!
    Love the Wildfox Jitney top!!!!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog- one of my favorite blog memories was being featured in the Trust Your Style section of your blog; I was thrilled and honored….
    Hope you have a fabulous 4th Of July holiday!!!!!

  6. Sounds like a lot of exciting new things happening, these products look wonderful 🙂 I hope you are having a great week xx

  7. YES to that Wildfox Jitney Sweatshirt – I love it!
    It sounds like you are doing so many incredible things in NYC, Mary Jo – I’m so happy for your latest endeavors!

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