Spring/Summer Fashion: Coming Up Roses

Something about our recent southern cal heat wave has made me savor small bright treats in this particular hue. Here is a little round up of some of my favorite rosy picks of the season:

top left/clockwise:

* Rose Color glasses by Stella McCartney – everything about these from the cat eye shape to the pale pink shade makes them hard to resist…and of course, who doesn’t want to see the world through rose colored glasses?

* Rose Petal Witch Hazel – so great to cool down delicate skin; I keep mine in the fridge.

* I just picked up this simple peasant dressĀ over the weekend, I thought it was so sweet.

* If you’ve ever fantasized about being a Sports Illustrated Cover Girl, this Voda bikini will let it happen {it graced the pages this season}.

* Our Bougainvillea Mini-Wallet is the perfect grab and go clutch this season.

* Adore this fun little patio table.

* I have a serious crush on everything from ThirdLove, a cool new lingerie brand that lets you customize your picks, comes in half sizes and fits like a dream.

Are you feeling the rosy glow yet this season?

  1. I am not usually a huge fan of most shades of pink, but I have to admit that since last summer I have added hot pink and orchid to my list of favorite summer shades, especially paired with neutrals like navy, beige, and white. I love the pop of color!

    The clutch is adorable, and those bikinis are fab!

  2. this is a great round-up! love the cover-up and i love those little wire tables. i almost bought one once when they had them at target for 20 dollars, but i wasn’t sure where i would put it. i am sure i will find a spot for one someday!

  3. These selections are making me excited for summer. Rose coloured clothes and bags are so pretty for Spring and Summer.

  4. Your mini wallet is such a lovely shade! I love rose as well and it’s one of the shades I try to incorporate when I look for accessories.

  5. Such a cheerful shade of pink and the patio table is gorgeous. It would add a fun element to any outdoor space.

  6. This is a gorgeous color and a pick up for sure if you are feeling a bit blue. And I am sure that bra set will pick “up” more then just your sprits. Haha

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