June Mermaid Waves

I’ve been a beauty magazine editor for almost a decade, and for the past year and a half I’ve also been writing a weekly hair tutorial for a client. What I love about covering hair is that while there’s always a few wild and fierce hair trends, certain looks never go out of style.

I’ve noticed that no matter what’s happening in fashion, from June through the end of August full blown mermaid hair {also known as beachy hair} becomes wildly popular because it’s a romantic look that can be obtained with very little time and effort.

There are a lot of mermaid hair tutorials out there, some better than others, so I thought I’d offer some suggestions gleaned from top hair stylists I’ve interviewed–I promise these will work!

1. Mermaid hair almost does itself if you have a good cut, especially one with layers concentrated near the face. This summer’s updated twist is mermaid hair meets the bob – so cute, don’t you think?

2. It took me a long time to believe this, but the right product is enormously helpful for styling. Beach spray is great for naturally wavy hair but if you have dry hair, stick to a texturizing cream on towel-dried hair and let your hair dry naturally. Beach Head Surf Shake texturizing spray, Seaside Smooth anti-frizz cream and Coastal Cooler shine mist will help you with your mermaid styling at very affordable prices.

3. You can get a similar look with a flat iron by taking one inch sections of hair and slowly pulling the iron down, rotating in a half-way turn.

4. This little tip I learned from Vito EspositoΒ and I think it’s one of the best ways to make your hair always look natural: curl each section of hair in the opposite direction–one towards your face, the next away from your face, etc. for a pretty look that doesn’t look “done”.

What’s your favorite way to wear your hair in the summer?

  1. Yes the problem with beach sprays is that they can make your hair look dirty and can weigh it down which is fine if you are going to the beach. Or out fo the night after the beach. But on a regular week day I think your hair can look too dirty, especially if it is thin. I have yet to find a product that really activates curls. And those curling tips are a great ideas! I have yet to successfully pull this off. And yes I have wondered if the cut had something to do with it.

  2. The last photo looks gorgeous and so perfect for summer! πŸ™‚
    I hope you’re having a great week

  3. I’d love to get beachy waves like this but its going to be rather difficult for me since I just straightened them permanently πŸ™‚ Keep in touch

  4. Mermaid hair is gorgeous, I always like to see the editorials with mermaids in them, though I wish it wasn’t always blondes they put in them, as I think a mermaid could have any colour hair, so it would be nice to see some more red heads or brunettes in the editorials πŸ™‚ Lucky if you have mermaid weather too, haha. It’s a bit grey here today…I hope your day is lovely doll Xxx

  5. though I never learned to swim, the water calls me. I dream it constantly, and I pin almost every photo I find of aqua waters. I just pinned the first photo! I believe I may already have it, but one must be sure!

    I am ready for the season. I am going to the lakes more this summer because as time slips away, one realizes that drinking in the light is more imperative than ever. Hmmm…..my new blog post, I believe!

    Jeff Buckley’s song is chilling and touching, isn’t it! I am glad you came by to enjoy. Sending you greetings and hopes for a splendid summer! Anita

  6. i love mermaid hair in summer… and in spring, autumn and winter too πŸ™‚ I can surf all day long till I can’t no more πŸ™‚ beautiful post.

  7. Wavy beach hair is just so sexy for summer. It’s nice to know that there are products for stylish summer hair.

  8. If you’re trying to make me miss having long hair, it doesn’t work! πŸ™‚ I’m still enjoying my short hair very much, even more so now that it’s summertime. πŸ™‚ But beachy hair has always been one of my favourite hair styles for summer, very Californian natural beauty

  9. I love mermaid hair in the summer! It’s true about a good cut doing most of the work. I have a great stylist, so a lot of days I can just air dry and be done with it. Sometimes I like to use a little salt spray. I really like the one from John Masters. It smells nice and doesn’t leave your hair sticky or crunchy

  10. Seeing flowy mermaid hair almost always makes me wish I had long hair. That style in the last photo is gorgeous!

  11. I love this romantic hairstyle, looks so beautiful, wish I could get it right! Thanks for sharing your opinion with me. Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend!

  12. Right now my hair is the perfect length for mermaid waves. I’ve got to get me some of that texturing cream

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