I Got Hustled (in a good way)

I saw American Hustle while I was out of town this week and wasn’t expecting it to blow me away, but it did on so many levels–I loved the acting, the pacing, the story and Christian Bale’s voice. Have you seen it yet? What did you think?

I have a soft spot for DVF to begin with, so once Irving takes Sydney to his dry cleaning store and upgrades her wardrobe with lots of DVF wrap dresses, I was pretty much hustled. Michael Wilkinson, the costume designer, had full access to the Halston vintage vault and modeled the look on late 70s Studio 54, Playboy, Cosmo, Breck girl ads and movies like Good Fellas, Saturday Night Fever and Atlantic City.

I loved that details like the hair, nails and furs were over-the-top but never took away from the acting.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

p.s. There’s a new post on cozy comfort over on Magical Mined today and a quick peek at one of my favorite sets from American Hustle.

  1. Hi !!!!!
    I love those photos & I’m a major DVF fan!!!!!
    I haven’t seen the movie yet but will very soon!!!!
    Hope you had a great weekend,
    Shannon :-

  2. yay! i am glad you talked about the clothes. as soon as i saw this movie i came home and wrote the 70’s mod post. i mean the overall styling in this movie just blew me away. i think they could have been talking jibberish and i still would have loved. of course they didn’t though and the movie itself was fantastic. excite to shoot over to MM and see what else you have to say! xo

  3. I really want to see this film. I’ve heard great things about it. It must’ve been fun to see Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence rock those 70’s fashions and hair styles.

  4. I sooooo want to see this movie, I have good things about it. And I LOVE Christian Bale…omg he is a god. No really he is an excellent actor and I will see anything he is in. Did you know he was the young boy in “Empire of the Sun” I just leaned that recently. I loved that movie as a kid. I was a weird kid, I liked war movie and period movies.

  5. Love all of the glam and dresses! I was also quite surprised with this film, I felt that everyone gave their all. I loved the acting, fashion, and inspiration for the costumes. I liked the film a lot.

  6. Haven’t seen the film, but intrigued enough! The latest film I have watched is Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen. Started watching by chance and couldn’t stop! And definitely want to read anything Hemingway now!:)
    Have you seen it? 🙂
    Take care!

  7. I got to see this movie at a special screening awhile back and thought it was awesome! Loved the acting and some of the clothes were just fantastic!

  8. I just love Christian Bale
    since Little Women, and this one is a must-watch for me. I think my hubby will like this too… he only watches movies with me that are not drama and tear jerkers. This one I’m sure he’ll love too.

  9. Wow, this film is going to be a seminal fashion moment to rival Michelle PFPFfeiffer in that seventies movie. Love Amy Adams she can do adorable or otherwise

  10. Oh my god, these outfits are amazing. So sexy and beautiful. Wouldn’t know which one to choose. I want them all.
    I wanted to see the movie, but now after seeing the dresses and how good the girls look, i want to see it even more.
    However, the first movie i am going to see is 12 Years Slave. Steve Mcqueen is one of my favourite directors and this movie promises to be his best one to date.

  11. I’ve not seen it yet. But, the clothes are amazing. I will have to see it soon :))) I hope you have a gorgeous weekend doll xox

  12. I was also instantly smitten by the costumes in this movie. But you’re right – the hair, jewelry and makeup really set the look!

  13. Hello. Visiting from About Last Weekend. I saw this recently and loved it. The acting was amazing. Christian Bale & Amy Adams can do no wrong. Bradley Cooper has finally won me over.

  14. I have not seen the movie yet. But from the previews and reviews the movie story and costumes look fantastic. Well, who could not love Bradley Cooper and as you mentioned Christian Bale? Have a wonderful weekend.

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  16. I loved the clothes the moment I saw the trailer. I can hardly wait to see the movie, as it’s finally arrived in our cinemas. I have a good feeling about it and now that I know you liked it I’m even more anxious to see it.

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