Art Inspired: Bathers 4 by Maurice Prendergast

I chose Maurice Prendergast’s Bathers 4, a watercolor he completed in 1919 at the age of 61, for the fourth week of my Bathers-inspired fashion posts. Painting mostly beach and park scenes, he was labeled a Post-Impressionist and Primitive/Naive Painter, but Prendergast was a true independent; his highly personal use of flat jewel-like colors painted in pattern/mosaic-like forms fits into no one particular category of American Art.

One of the first American painters to support the work of Paul Cézanne, Prendergast was influenced by his form and color, but did not study in Paris until his early 30s. By the end of his life, his work was shown in the company of Cézanne, Matisse, Seurat, and Van Gogh, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art passed on a retrospective after his death because his work was still seen as too radical. The Whitney Museum held his first New York memorial exhibition 10 years later.

With just a few weeks of summer left, it seems time to look to at a few fall pieces. Clicking through Prada’s Fall runway images, this stunning dress stopped me in my tracks. The particular teal with contrast red stripes, the slouchy romantic drape, the pairing with a big bag–even though more fall than summer, echoes the relaxed feel and colors of Bathers 4. P.S. my new Scandalous Lover red bag line has arrived and I couldn’t resist adding one into this little round up.

Does this painting speak to you? What do you think about this outfit?


  • Prada dress
  • Mary Jo Matsumoto Scandalous Lover Shopper and 4FREE Nail Color
  • Saint Laurent pumps
  1. Can I just say that the way you styled that Prada dress tops the runway look? Love the classy approach, I wish I could more of it on the streets (especially when I think at the street style circus that will come along with the fashion weeks).

  2. Those colours make me swoon and I am totally smitten with those heels. Oh boy, beautiful! Happy morning, lovely.

  3. I love the teal and red combination…. this dress is gorgeous and it is great to learn more about Pendergast.

  4. I have to admit a complete ignorance about this artist. I even had to look him up to see his paintings and then I remembered having seen maybe two. But I remember that Prada dress 😉

    Every time I look at your red shopper it makes me swoon. Such a beautiful bag!

  5. What a beautiful painting, a classic beach scene put into wonderful watercolors – I love it! The red purse and the dress perfectly match the painting’s mood! xoxo

  6. I really love the painting and the interpretation. The colour palette alone is one of my favourites. I love the deep red/burgundy with teal tones.

  7. His painting style and use of color has a lovely fluid feel. That Prada dress is stunning indeed! Hard to believe that Fall is just around the corner.

  8. It’s a beautiful painting. Love these colors and details.
    These pieces are so pretty. Nice choices.

  9. Hi !!!!
    Hope the start to your week has been great!!!!
    I ADORE that Prada dress too!!!! The combo of the real & red stripes is so captivating!!!! I love it!!!!!

  10. That painting is truly beautiful! I love watercolor paintings and the jewel colors he used were gorgeous! Speaking of gorgeous that Prada dress is incredible! The colors are so rich!

  11. Really great setting. I love the Prada designs for this fall and i think red is such a warm color for cold winter!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  12. I never knew about the artist. His painting is superb with lots of colour. Beach scene is always a fascinating painting theme. I adore the Prada outfit. Very chic items!

  13. your new Scandalous line is so awesome! Every one of your collections is superb. You always do such a great job. I’m going to feature the yellow polish also. I have a post topic that will work great with it. I love that painting! It’s so beautiful. I’m wishing you a wonderful weekend doll.

  14. The painting certainly has a tropical flair and reminds me of my home country, Jamaica. Really vivid and lovely piece of art! Gorgeous dress too. Love the contrasting colours.

  15. Amazing painting as usual! I am always inspired by your posts. This one has so many stories, you can look at it for a long time and keep discovering something new there. Love it!
    hugs from New York,

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