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Not many street artists are recognized, which is part of their underground thrill and appeal, so when I heard about a fashion collaboration with W Concept and Paul Richard, the street artist known for his drip paintings in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, I was intrigued as I’m always interested in the intersection of art and fashion.

Above are a couple of Paul Richard’s abstract drip prints from the collection: the skull tee and my personal fav-the Paul Richard fox, printed on premium quality tees, sweatshirts and hoodies. I have the fox sweatshirt in black and it’s quickly become my favorite in rotation. I love that the quality is so nice and think that the skull tee would look great under a blazer.

Which brings us to Vogue Italia, who sent over some luscious images of Hilary Rhoda from the February edition of Vogue Italia this morning. Apparently the black tuxedo jacket has no intention of leaving the scene. And why should it, when it looks this good?

Speaking of scenes, as you can see from the photos {courtesy of the Orange County Register} the Laguna Museum auction this past Saturday was a lot of fun! I was too busy dealing with my dress malfunction and noshing looking at art to take a decent photo myself.

Before I sign off, I thought I’d leave you with this video that Ralph Lauren shared with me about their USA Olympic Collection and Team USA. It’s Americana all the way.

p.s. If you’re in the mood for a little Valentine eye-candy make sure to hop over to Magical Mined, my new design blog for those of you who haven’t had a chance to stop by}.

Wishing you all things bright and wonderful this week!

  1. Street art meet fashion! I love it! The fox sweatshirt is fantastic! Great video about the Olympic collection!

  2. That fox sweatshirt is simply awesome and I love a good black tuxedo jacket – always! Have a wonderful day, sweetie.

  3. Street art is one of my favourites, I wish they weren’t so looked down on…I know there are many who just trash places, but those aren’t real artists to me anyways, but when you find a really, truly amazing one…the space is filled with happiness and often thought provoking images. I saw a lot when I was in Ireland and you see them around the UK as well. I like both prints, the fox is ever so cute with the bow tie though. And the black tuxedo jackets are something I’ve been wanting to get for a while now, I love the way they feel and look, both of these are gorgeous, but something about the one on the right, I love more, stunning. I hope you have a marvellous day doll xo

  4. Those tuxedo jackets! They are making me seriously consider why I don’t yet have one of my own…

  5. Love street art AND fashion, so it’s fun to see those two combined. In response to your comment on my blog: I’ve heard about the red balloon, but haven’t seen it. Should I? Is it a must see?

  6. Hi – don’t those tuxes look so fabulous? Do you have , could totally see you rocking that look – and with the fox t-shirt? I am loving that fox t-shirt. heading over to see your design blog now…

  7. Its always interesting to see the mergence of art and fashion, I think the two are interrelated on so many levels. Hilary looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your opinions with me 🙂

  8. Oh wow I did not know about this, thanks for posting. And yes that fox sweatshirt is the bomb!

  9. I admire those graphic art on fashion just like Givenchy and Louis Vuitton does. The tuxedo jacket for women is just so chic and elegant. Looks like the Laguna Art event was fun and lots of people came. I’ve seen the Ralph Lauren Collection for the USA Team. It is the best uniform in the Olympics. They are well designed and looks so cool!

  10. I would absolutely wear the fox sweatshirt in a heartbeat— very fun!

    And I agree on the black and white front (check out my post on what I packed for Bali)… I am really loving the combination right now!

  11. I love street artists, it’s always nice to see and appreciate more of their art. it’s very cool that you shared the video, thanks! And, the uniforms look nice!

  12. I always love a art and fashion collaboration it always makes the fashion more edgy- dpn’t you think?

  13. The infusion of street art into fashion is a very cool thing. I had a vintage tuxedo jacket once upon a time and I think I may need to add a new one into my wardrobe.

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