Vintage Finds

I’ve been lucky with vintage lately… here are some recent purchases:

A pair of deadstock vintage sunglasses from American Rag, and a clutch from Painted Bird

I really don’t know what possessed me to buy this jumper from Painted Bird, but I just really liked the pattern and the fact that it’s a one piece. Part of me really loves this, and I have some ideas milling about in my head as to what to wear it with… maybe a zebra print scruchie?

When I saw this aloha print dress, it made me think of happy times in Hawaii. I try to make it there as often as possible, and it really is paradise. So why not wear a dress that reminds you of happy things?

I guess this officially means I’m shopping for summer. I think I’m going to have to take a break from H&M, only because it’s cheap, but every time I step in the shoppe, I drop a small fortune. So it’s better to for me to go to places like Mascara Vintage, or Painted Bird.

4 Replies to “Vintage Finds”

  1. My granny did have exactly the same blue dress which is on the last photo 🙂
    It’s so Soviet Union style, you know

  2. Might I also suggest heels in a clashing pattern and colour for the jumpsuit? I’d advise against neon, though, as that might take it just the wrong side of the 90s.

    We like your style.

  3. I am just so jealous of that clutch, I have this huge collection because I just can’t seem to own enough.

    Where do you vintage shop?

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