Vintage Design Ideas – Bed Headboards

Don’t you think vintage and handmade items are the only way to decorate your home? You just can’t find the same level of beauty and character in generic chain stores. When it comes to decorating the bedroom, you don’t have to settle for boring beds and headboards. Here’s a little design inspiration (for now or for your future, dream home) from Country Living.

Gold Headboard and Canopy

Very French and very much a bedroom I would like to call my own. The canopy is from an old store display and softened with billowy fabric while the hanging collection of ‘vintage pearls, beads, hats and bags’ gives a stylish touch.

Gate Headboard

There’s so many things to love in this bedroom. From the old garden gate headboard to the star speckled walls and suitcase that is a bedside table. They all add a magical, whimsical touch.

Birdhouse Headboard
Adorable! What a clever and cute idea for a kid’s bedroom (that I’m afraid I would be a little envious of). I will be on the lookout for vintage birdhouses now when out shopping or at least someone who could replicate this design using reclaimed wood.

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