Two Skirts

As much as it sounds nice to be able to buy a new item of clothing every time there is some new event, the reality is that it’s bad for the bank account. Believe me, it is. So let’s take advantage of a few trends for ‘17, and that is, short and volume. I have two skirts that I love, that I’ve worn a million times. One is a black and white skirt from the Gap, purchased in spring 2014, and the other is an aubergine bubble skirt from H&M purchased in winter 2015. I still wear both the Gap & the H&M skirts, but I think they could be put to an even better use.

One thing I noticed is that my rib cage and my hips are about the same around. so pulling the skirts up to wear as a strapless dress (idea inspired from the Decades YSL dress/skirt). Some skirts will be to short, you can wear them as a blouse, Banana Republic has all these strapless tops. They are cute, but it can be done with what’s in my closet…

I’ve been wanting a bubble minidress for a while now… and it’s great to discover I’ve had it all along.

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  1. You won’t believe but life shows that women who don’t prefer to wear skirts – are often feeling themselves imperfect at the end of the day…

  2. I love this! I started wearing one of my favorite black knit skirts as a strapless dress over blouses this winter and I love the look. Skirt in question has a nice wide waistband, so it gives the “dress” a wonderfully fitted, empire bodice. Way to multipurpose!

  3. Tiffany, I’m quite agree with you. Such women usually impersonate themselves as a ‘male type women’, but it’s a real BS!

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