Tweaking Vegan Muffin Recipes

Ah, baking without eggs, butter, milk, refined sugars and baking powder. I can almost hear Nigella scoffing and saying, ‘why bother?’ But bother I do and bake on, I will!

I made these apple and blueberry vegan muffins last week and now they are all gone (even the ones I froze). Granted, I was the only one that ate them and my health food palate is used to the wholegrain spelt flour and apple juice that I used. Other palates may think these muffins taste toohealthy.

I still need to perfect the recipe but these worked out pretty well. Considering these little things were devoid of many, many things, I am proud that they rose at all and came out resembling muffins!

As soon as I master the muffin recipe, I will be sure to share it here. Until then, the baking and tasting continues…

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