The Andean Collection – Jewellery from the Rainforest

If you’ve been scouring stores for eco-friendly jewellery that will convey an abundance of style and an inspiring story each time you wear it, why not try jewellery made from rainforest seeds? A green girl couldn’t ask for more!

Classic Tagua Bracelets – handmade by Christian $20
Founder, Amanda Judge (who has previously worked on projects for UNICEF Nicaragua as well as microfinance projects in Ecuador and Peru) initially travelled to Ecuador ‘researching rural women’s survival strategies in the face of extreme poverty for her master thesis.’ Fortunately for the local artisans who make the jewellery and fortunately for us, the lucky wearers of these rare and exotic materials, the Andean Collection was born.

Jabon and Acai 3 Strand Necklace – handmade by Olga Lucia Moran $50

The female artisans in Ecuador who make this beautiful jewellery by hand, are now able to reach a wider market through the Andean Collection which ensures they are paid fair wages (more than suggested in the World of Good’s Fair Wage Guide) and are also able to ‘share in the profits of the company as partial owners’. The Andean Collection has applied for membership with the Fair Trade Federation and will be eligible after their ‘first sixth months of sales’.

Acai Earrings
– handmade by Olga Lucia Moran $19

Many jewellery items made today come from dubiously derived synthetic beads, plastics and metals but eco-savvy women can adorn themselves happily with the Andean Collection because their materials are ‘sustainably harvested from the rainforest and low lands of South America.’ Using exquisite acai, tagua, pambil, jabon and huayruro seeds is an ‘alternative way to make money from the rainforest, other than logging or selling their land to those who profit from the oil industry’.

Half Moon Coconut Bracelet – handmade by Nancy Moran $19

I find it exciting to think you can wear these little gifts from nature (many of them are collected from the forest floor once they fall) and I really love learning about how the indigenous people regard the seeds also. Apparently the Huayruro seeds have ‘been used by Peruvians for generations as charms to attract good fortune and wealth.’

Acai Necklace – handmade by Olga Lucia Moran $49

‘A cascade of acai seeds’ is how the Andean Collection describe this enchanting necklace. I personally love this necklace in fire red which would look great with an organic black singlet and jeans for summer or over dresses for an eye-catching evening look (there are other gorgeous colours to choose from also).

Classic Tagua Bracelets – handmade by Christian $20
I cannot decide which Classic Tagua Bracelet is my favourite as each colour is so utterly beguiling and I’m also loving the fact the Tagua nut does not require any trees to be cut down in order to gather the pod (which makes me want to buy more than one bracelet now). I’m torn between the multi colour and fuschia colours but visit the AC’s website to pick your perfect shade from an array of tantalizing colours.

Acai Hoop Earrings – handmade by Olga Lucia Moran $21

Many girls love a good pair of hoop earrings but if you haven’t yet got yourself a pair of eco hoop earrings that look striking and unique, then you must check out these undyed Acai seed hoop earrings (also in multi colour and pollen / natural).

Jabon and Acai 3 Strand Necklace – handmade by Olga Lucia Moran $50
‘Ooh, ooh, ooh’, I think were the highly intelligent words I squealed when I saw this necklace. If every woman could have a necklace like this in her jewellery stash, she would be quite content indeed. The black jabon and ivory tone acai seeds ooze sophistication and make this the perfect necklace to glamify any dressy or casual outfit you are wearing! The indigenous people of the Amazon also believe the Jabon seeds can ‘shield wearers from negative energy and evil spirits’.

Acai Bracelet – handmade by Olga Lucia Moran $22
I thought Acai berries were just for eating, drinking and topping up your antioxidant levels! Who knew you could wear the seeds of these wonder berries as well? This earth green bracelet stopped me in my tracks when I saw it but you can also choose from colours such as deep purple, harvest orange, fire, pollen, natural or multi colour. I could happily wear this bracelet every single day!

Waterfall Necklace – handmade by Nancy Moran $49

Named after the ‘sacred Peguche Waterfall of Otavalo’, this stunning glass and silver coloured beaded necklace is positively dripping with beauty and one of my favourite pieces from the Andean Collection. The style and colour range of this necklace is so ‘on fire’ right now and will continue to look incredibly stylish and unique and will probably require you to respond to numerous inquiries from fashionable friends and strangers as to ‘where and who’ you got your jewellery from. Just point them in the direction of the Andean Collection. You will feel both stylish and satisfied knowing you are wearing fashion made from nature and made from the hands of talented artisans who have been rewarded for their beautiful work.

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