Six Vegetarian Barley Recipes

I’ve been vegan for several years now and I was vegetarian before that but I still haven’t tried cooking with barley. You think I would have mastered several stunning barley-bountiful dishes by now and yet I have not! I think these recipes will inspire me to start cooking with this ‘low glycemic-index grain’ that contains, ‘calcium, phosphorus and B vitamins’ (according to Dr Weil). I’ve got my eye on the salad above that is speckled with capers, olives, pumpkin seeds and basil.

Indian Winter SoupBBC Good Food

It’s summer here in New Zealand but I still want to make this with seasonal vegetables on the next blustery day.

Barley Soup with Greens, Fennel, Lemon and DillEpicurious

This can be easily veganised by omitting the feta.

Wild Rice and Barley SaladWhole Foods Market

This salad looks easy to whip together and I like the inclusion of dried apricots and tarragon.

Barley with Apricots, Hazelnuts, Chocolate and HoneyWhole Living

For a sweeter, vegan barley bite, switch milk to your favourite non-dairy kind and use a good quality dark chocolate (non-dairy).

Warm Barley Cereal with Dried CherriesWhole Living

I’ve mentioned this one before but had to include it here. How could I not? There’s almond milk and ground flax meal. I’d just use a more natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup along with any seasonal fruit.

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