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If you love shopping for handmade goodies on Etsy but want to find the best vegetarian and vegan products, you must check out EtsyVeg. Their Marketplace makes it ultra easy to find just what you are looking for. Fashion, beauty, homewares. It’s all there and it’s all animal friendly!

Here are a few lovely things that caught my eye but there is much, much more to check out from the talented and conscientious Etsy sellers who are all vegetarian or vegan. Pop over to the EtsyVeg blog for more information or try searching for pieces labelled, ‘EtsyVeg Team’ the next time you are shopping on Etsy.

Thank you Heather (Etsy shop – Aktie9) for introducing me to the EtsyVeg team and a big thank you to all the EtsyVeg sellers who are making it so fun and easy for us all to shop for vegetarian and vegan products to suit our lifestyles. Keep up the good work!

Vintage Sewing Machine – Arksendeavours ($110)

Organic Cotton Forest Friends Pin Set – Vegan Craftastic ($6)

Upcycled Tire Tube Wallet – Derek Howlett Dot Com ($12)

Vintage Cake Carrier Tin – Mothrasue ($30)

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