Perri Piper – Lemon Sugar Wax

We have a new website and Etsy store called Perri Piper where we are selling our lovely Lemon Sugar Wax. We are excited for you to try this impressive beauty product that we have been making and using ourselves for three years. Lemon Sugar Wax contains only three ingredients so it is ultra gentle on your skin and the environment.

Every jar is handmade in London by myself and Ali (my mum). We were inspired by ancient beauty practices and apothecarian packaging when making this so the wax is poured into glass jars and includes unbleached cotton strips (reusable) and wood spatulas. The product is so pure that we did not want to use any plastic packaging and microwaves for heating. Our glass jars simply sit in a sink of hot water and several minutes later the wax is soft and ready to use.

If you would like to find out more about the Lemon Sugar Wax, you can read further information at our website, Perri Piper or at our Etsy store.

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