I Can’t Believe It’s Nut Parmesan!

I know it’s wrong to be this excited about a Brazil nut but this discovery has really expanded my culinary, cheese-less world. My bowls of pasta never used to receive that final, Italian flourish of parmesan just before serving. My homemade Italian dishes always looked distinctly un-Italian.

Then, the other night, while watching the Food Channel here in New Zealand, a chef appeared and began shaving a Brazil nut over some gluten-free pasta creation. The Brazil nut obediently flecked off fine, feathered shavings that looked just like real parmesan. I ran to the kitchen and awkwardly grabbed a grater and Brazil nut to see if it was true. Could this selenium-packed nut be that talented? Yes. Yes, it could.

Once I grated one nut it was hard to stop. Pasta, pizza, risotto, salads, bruschette, even family members all received a ceremonious dusting. Every dish and everyone was drenched in a shower of Brazil nuts. I jest of course but I could have gone that far and I am still considering carrying a mini grater and bag of Brazil nuts on me at all times just so I can be ready to show someone this new discovery. It could be a great party trick. Sure to impress the lactose-free set.

Until then, these humble pictures will have to do. They were snapped hastily as there was a delightfully, dolled up bowl of pasta waiting to be eaten. I know the Italians will scoff at this parmesan dobbelganger but pasta night just got a whole lot prettier at my house.

N.B – Just remember to eat those Brazil nuts in moderation. I’ve read that they are super healthy but should be eaten in small doses as they have a very high selenium content.

Review of Suki Pure Facial Moisture – Balancing

Sometimes creamy moisturizers are not what your skin wants or needs, so maybe you should try an oil based moisturizer. Suki’s ‘Pure Facial Moisture – Balancing’ is a divine treat for the face with amazing organic ingredients such as antibacterial echinacea and lavender, soothing chamomile extract and antioxidant loaded rose extract. Don’t worry about looking oily either because the end result is very flattering, giving your skin a healthy glow. This product was previously known as Facial Moisture Serum with Blue Chamomile and Echinacea.
How to use: 1-2 drops on face and decollete

Feel on skin: Nourishing and hydrating feel of oil without the greasy residue

Scent: Fruity and pleasant chamomile scent with strong base notes of jojoba and other oils

Skin Types: All skin types but especially oily, acne prone and sensitive

Results: My skin lapped it up and the overall result was very flattering. Skin glows and looks enviously healthy. Very impressive.

Value for money: Admittedly over £20 is expensive for a moisturiser but it’s certainly not uncommon for most moisturisers these days to be in this price bracket. If you have the money to spend or just want to make wise purchases that your skin will thank you for, then Suki is definitely value for money.

Who would like it? Purists who want good quality and high performing products. Also women with recurring acne or oily skin (but my skin is normal / dry and it works well for me).

Would I buy it again? Yes. I like how healthy and good this moisturiser feels on the skin. The fact the ingredients are so good makes this product leap above other moisturiser options. It is also a good alternative or break from creamy moisturisers. While you could use an almond oil (I personally find it too shiny as a day moisturiser) for true purity and affordability, I think this is the first choice for when you want a serum type moisturiser.

Score: 10/10

Purchase Suki Pure Facial Moisture Balancing (approx. £29)  Naturisimo

More about Suki…
Suki is one brand in the ever growing world of organic beauty that has got my attention time and time again! I have tried 4 of their products now and each experience has made me rush to the laptop to let you all know about it! I’m not a beauty floozy and don’t get impressed easily. I’m not even a Suki employer or sponsored by them (I’m still waiting to hear back from them via email actually but I can appreciate they are busy, really I can).

Full ingredients:
organic jojoba (simmondsia chinensis), sunflower (helianthus annus), grapeseed (vitis vinifera), rice germ (oryza sativa), borage seed (borago officinalis) & hazelnut (corylus americano) oils, 100% natural non-gmo vitamin e (tocopherol), organic calendula (calendula officinalis), lavender (lavandula angustifolia), chamomile (anthemis nobilis), echinacea (echinacea purpurea) & rose (rosa canina) extracts, aroma (pure premium steam distilled essential oil)

If you have yet to try Suki and are not sure where to start, it may help to know what products are popular with other women.

6 Eco-Friendly Footwear Finds from Etsy

Organic Baby Boots (Portland)- Infusion

Handmade in Oregon
Organic cotton, hemp canvas + hemp / organic cotton fleece

I have not featured any organic baby / kids wear products on Green Lashes and Fashion before but as soon as I saw these ‘too cute to be true’ baby boots, I just had to include them in today’s Etsy feature. These boots are also available in a Pink and Green style for girls (made from corduroy, vintage linen, hemp canvas, hemp / organic cotton fleece).

Eco Toes – Infusion

Handmade in Oregon
Vintage Herringbone Wool with vintage linen weave cotton lining

The above baby booties may have made some adults a bit jealous and want to search for some similarly cute and cosy footwear of their own. Thankfully Infusion have created a lovely grey pair made from vintage fabrics with a hemp canvas sole and coconut shell buttons.

Vintage Bubblegum Pink Shoes – Avant Anthologue
I think every girl should aim to have the perfect selection of ballet flats in her life (pairs in black, metallic, patterned and finally a pair in their favourite bright colour). Bright ballet flats are a great and affordable way to add a bit of fun and personality to any outfit.
Purchase at Etsy (Avantanthologue) for $24 (size 7 or 7.5)

Vintage Silver & Gold 1960s Pumps – By The Way
I love a little silver and the added gold in these shoes makes them even more dazzling! They look so 60s, so dainty and like most cool vintage finds, these shoes still look completely modern!
Purchase at Etsy (By The Way) for $20 (US Size 8)

Vintage Pink Vegan Flats – This Year’s Model
I really thought I was a girl not overly fussed with pink things but the growing number of pretty pink eco products popping up on this site is proving otherwise! But seriously, how can you not fall for these pastel pink vegan flats? Worn with organic jeans and LBDs, they will look super sweet.
Purchase at Etsy (This Year’s Model) for $18 (size 7)

Vintage Seafoam Flats – Scottie in a Canoe
These flats remind me a bit of Morocco with their shape and bejewelled turquoise and silver gems. I think the unusual bluey green would work well as a contrasting colour for any outfit and I also love how these vintage vegan flats inject some unique mystic into a green girl’s shoe selection!
Purchase at Etsy (Scottie in a Canoe) for $25 (size 7)

Akamuti – Review of 3 Divine Natural Moisturizers

Get your skin ready for summer and prepped for wearing skimpy singlets, shorts, sandals and gulp, bikinis! Akamuti have a range of beautiful natural face and body moisturizers to choose from that will nurture and nourish the skin.

I’m quite new to the Akamuti brand but after spending one weekend with several of their amazing products and also frolicking around their website excited by all the other products aside from moisturizers there are to try (Chocolate Marshmallow Face Mask, Sweet Orange Facial Scrub and Rose Berry Eye Revitalizer to name but a few), I was left so impressed by Akamuti and the high quality of their truly natural products!

Kalahari Watermelon Body Moisturizer (pictured above)

I’m not sure if it’s because summer is approaching or I just want it to feel like summer is here, but as soon as I read the name Kalahari Watermelon, I immediately wanted to try the exotic body moisturizer.

The omega packed Kalahari Watermelon Oil combines with other fruitful oils such as peach kernel and aromatic essential oils of may change and organic lime and chamomile to create a sweet, fruity and heady scent. The texture is light yet delivers the nourishing and enriching benefits of a thick moisturizer. The moisturizer melts into skin very well and the combination of oils leaves skin with a healthy glow.

This moisturizer’s intoxicating scent, gorgeous feel on the skin, purest of pure ingredients and price will ensure I always have a pot of this Akamuti goodness on my bathroom shelf!

Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Peach Kernel Oil (Prunus persica), Community Traded Kalahari Watermelon Oil (Citrullus vulgaris), Organic Beeswax (Cera alba), May Chang Essential Oil (Litsea cubeba), Organic Chamomile Essential Oil (Matricaria recutita), Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium graveolons), Organic Lime Essential Oil (Citrus aurantifolia).

Purchase online at Akamuti for £9

Shea Butter Soothing Salve
This has such a divine scent. It reminds me of a cup of sweetened chamomile tea! You need only scoop out a minute amount of this salve as it is rich and is absorbed quickly into the skin. As Akamuti say on their website, ‘a little goes a long way’. This salve would be very effective when applied to any particularly dry areas of skin (although all skin types will enjoy the salve). I noticed my winter withered hands lap up the moisturize and return to their former glory very quickly. This is one of those ‘wow’ products for me. Who knew 4 small but powerful ingredients of wildcrafted virgin shea butter and oils of sweet almond, primrose and chamomile could combine to form a skincare product so ambrosial!

Wildcrafted Virgin Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Evening Primrose Oil (Oenethera biennis), Organic Chamomile Essential Oil (Matricaria chamomilla).

Virgin Shea Butter

For all those girls that just want a moisturizer that is pure and simple, delivered from nature in its most raw form, try Akamuti’s Wildcrafted Shea Butter (unrefined and unbleached). Your skin will benefit from the vitamin rich butter (vitamins A, E & F) and dry skin in particular will revel in shea butter’s ultra hydrating and skin softening abilities. This is another great ‘purchase with purpose’ because the shea butter is fairly traded from a women’s co-operative in Ghana.

Shea butter is another wonder product like Coconut Oil with numerous beauty and skin care benefits. If you have a skin issue, it seems like shea butter will sort it out for you! Shea butter can help heal burns, scars (and also diaper rash) and can be used for shaving, cuticles, hair conditioning, removing makeup and soothing chapped lips. The cinnamic acid within shea butter may also protect the skin naturally from UV rays. I’m going to do as Akamuti suggest and use my shea butter as a foot cream (apply some to feet and pop on some socks before bed each night), in preparation for summer sandal season. No home should be without a supply of shea butter!

Pure Unrefined Shea Butter, Wildcrafted & Fairly traded

Available at Akamuti for £6.95

Bows & Girls – Fun Eco Fashion Finds

1. Vintage Off White Bow Hat
The Vintage Closet (Etsy) $68
Hello, old fashioned glamour! This stunning and unique hat is beyond stylish and comes in a colour that would suit most skin tones.

2. Plunge Cocktail Dress – Bahar Shahpar $144

Made in New York / Organic Cotton
This babydoll style dress looks ever so sublime with the prominent bow centre front. The soft, neutral colour (courtesy of low impact dyed gauze) balances the playful nature of the dress brilliantly.

3. Bridal Betty Eco Clutch – ReJenerate (Etsy) $39

Made in Sydney from vintage fabrics
This is a luxe little eco clutch with a lovely pink floral lining. Perfect for fancy occasions or for any moments you just want to feel pretty!

4. Do-Ni Vegan Ballet Flats – $135

Made in Portugal
I can’t get enough of these divine vegan ballet flats, especially the sparkly silver pair. There are other colours to choose from, with or without medallion detail and remember that 100% of the profits from the sales are donated to participating non-profit organisations.

5. Vintage 60s Bow Pin – BBB Designs (Etsy) $20
I like the idea of using unusual and pretty pins on your jacket lapels or hats, as it adds a bit more personality. This little silver bow is simple yet special.

6. Prep School Headband – Rose Red Winter (Etsy), $15
Adorable alert! This bow-tastic headband has been made from a vintage bow tie attached to elastic. Also available in navy.

7. Vintage 60s Pink Dress

Planet Claire Vintage (Etsy) $85
I know, the bright pink almost made you miss the bow on this dress but it is there, all prim and proper as a belt. These neon bright colours are big right now but this vintage dress has longevity with ample style and femininity!

8. Upcycled Ruffle Skirt – Round London £50
Made in London
I have featured this ra-ra ruffle skirt before (which also looks like an ode to bows) but it is pretty 80s fantastic, no?

9. Vegan Mohop Shoes – from $136
Made in Chicago
Remember you can go bow crazy if you have a pair of Mohop shoes as they allow for interchangeable ribbon and fabric creativity!

10. Upcycled Fresh is the Word Frock
I Heart Fink (Etsy) $65
Who didn’t love watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air back in the day? This recycled top emblazoned with Carlton Banks and his chic bow tie, will attract many smiles and 90s flashbacks for anyone who spots you wearing it.

Interesting Fruit Salad Recipes

Frozen Grape Popsicles (Raw Food Crafting Blog)
I found this eye-catching grape idea and image at the Raw Food Crafting Blog. Can you imagine what kids will say when they are handed one of these frozen fruity kebabs? They will be an instant hit! I know grapes don’t technically qualify as a fruit salad but they look so good (and would taste so good) that they just had to go first today.

Frozen Fruit Salad (Every Day Food)

This is such a simple but clever idea that kids and adults will both love. Frozen bananas and grapes make a great healthy sweet treat for summer.

Herby Fruit Salad (Antony Worrall Thompson)
Enjoy this unusual fruit salad with healthy creaminess courtesy of reduced fat coconut milk and sublime sweetness from honey, pineapples and bananas.

Fruit Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing (Whole Foods Market)

With an abundance of popular and tasty fruits, this salad is then drizzled with a wonderful dressing of honey, poppy seeds, fruits, cinnamon and ginger.

Thai Fruit Salad (Ed Baines)
Star fruits make this the prettiest of the pretty fruit salads. There is also chilli powder, limes and freshly grated ginger. A true taste bud delight!

Winter Fruit Salad with Sweet Tofu Cream (Delicious Magazine)

This salad would be delicious eaten warm or cold, any season. The dried fruits are accompanied by vanilla, cinnamon and a zesty tofu derived cream.

Where to View Fruit Salad Recipe Details

Upcycled Fashion Finds

The Lilian Asterfield Vest
– Lilian Asterfield (Etsy) $160
Hand made in Boston / Upcycled Neckties

Ooh, ooh! Quirky cool fashion alert! This upcycled tie vest will add a unique twist and flourish to any outfit. Dresses, tanks, black long sleeve tops, anything will work and look ultra lovely.

Sea Lilian Upcycled Vintage 40s Necktie Necklace
– Lilian Asterfield (Etsy) $25
Hand made in Boston / Vintage silk necktie and buttons

Step away from your usual necklaces for awhile and wear a tie the fashionable and feminine way.

Recycled Ruffled Glory Jacket

– Stephanie Teague (Etsy) $135
Made in North Carolina / Antique, vintage fabric

Who knew an ‘antique cotton chair cover’ could be transformed into such a cute jacket? It has a vintage muslin lining and buttons made from ‘cobalt glass Vicks bottles’. You’ll be fashion ready for fall with this upcycled wonder!

Old Gold Mini Trapeze Dress
– Maisy Brown Repro Retro (Etsy) $140
Made in Sydney / Vintage Rayon Satin

This opulent, luxe-looking fabric and use of ‘classic couturier techniques’ creates quite the sublime little dress. Wear with black stockings and heels or flats for a look that is both elegant and playful!

Lipstick Dress – Stephanie Geisler (Etsy) $93
Made in Asheville, NC / Vintage and recycled fabrics

A slight 80s vibe but still totally contemporary thanks to the crisp white top and bright pop of color in the pink high-waisted skirt (which has pockets). Gorgeous!

Crazy Paisley Orange Brocade Strapless Mini

– Maisy Brown Repro Retro (Etsy) $149
Made in Sydney / Vintage fabric

The colour, print and style of this pretty dress squeal ‘fun, young and oh so fashion savvy’.

Upcycled Frida Dress

– Whistling Sparrow (Etsy) $75
Made in Brookline, MA / Upcycled materials

Hold onto the last days of summer with this lovely, wafty sundress made from an ’embroidered table cloth, ruffled curtain and vintage crocheted lace’.

The Sweet Shop Dress
– Stephanie Geisler (Etsy) $98
Made in Asheville, NC / Vintage fabric

This pale candy-coloured strapless dress is utterly adorable, especially the bow tie back. Such a cute upcycled fashion find!

Intelligent Nutrients – Aromatics Review

When it comes to ingredients, INs products would wear halos if they could. The products are free from sin and instead contain potent and powerful ingredients any organic, green goddess would approve of (for further information, links to the full ingredient lists of each product are provided below).

One of the standout products for me would have to be the organic Aromatic sprays. The cute and compact spritz bottles are ideal for tossing in your bag or for traveling and they contain the most divine scents! There is a concoction to match any mood and I personally couldn’t get enough of the Awaken aroma. The citrus symphony of bergamot, orange peel, lemon and grapefruit oils combine with spearmint and pepper seed oils to create a zingy and invigorating spray that certainly awakens the senses! The Focus aroma is equally lush and perfect for all the times I need to sit at my computer and write like there is no tomorrow. BTW, these sprays can also be used on the hair!

Intellimune Oil and Tablets
IN products are positively bursting with nourishing and good-for-the-body ingredients that smell so good you want to eat them! Fortunately, you can get an antioxidant hit courtesy of INs Intellimune Oil and Tablets. Both products ‘help battle oxidative stress and aids in fighting pre-mature aging’ and contain ingredients derived from seeds of organic black cumin, organic grape seed, organic red raspberry, organic pumpkin and organic cranberry. The oil can be consumed daily (1-2 teaspoons) and even used on the face as a wonderful moisturizer.

To learn more about Intelligent Nutrients and to shop online, you can visit their website here.

Vintage Design Ideas – Bed Headboards

Don’t you think vintage and handmade items are the only way to decorate your home? You just can’t find the same level of beauty and character in generic chain stores. When it comes to decorating the bedroom, you don’t have to settle for boring beds and headboards. Here’s a little design inspiration (for now or for your future, dream home) from Country Living.

Gold Headboard and Canopy

Very French and very much a bedroom I would like to call my own. The canopy is from an old store display and softened with billowy fabric while the hanging collection of ‘vintage pearls, beads, hats and bags’ gives a stylish touch.

Gate Headboard

There’s so many things to love in this bedroom. From the old garden gate headboard to the star speckled walls and suitcase that is a bedside table. They all add a magical, whimsical touch.

Birdhouse Headboard
Adorable! What a clever and cute idea for a kid’s bedroom (that I’m afraid I would be a little envious of). I will be on the lookout for vintage birdhouses now when out shopping or at least someone who could replicate this design using reclaimed wood.

14 Eco Labels – All Made in the USA

1) Deborah Lindquist – eco fashion the haute couture way
2) Eco-Ganik – classy and feminine fashion for every occasion
3) Gypsy 05 – check out their organic line of dresses made in Hollywood that the stars love!
4) Lara Miller – the pretty of the prettiest dresses

5) Mr Larkin – creamy, dreamy, achingly cool and sweet designs in muted tones
6) Nature vs Future – envy inducing, unique pieces straight from Brooklyn, NYC!
7) Popomomo – cool tees and dresses from LA. Love the ‘Favorite Things’ scarf
8) Prairie Underground – edgy, urban girls will fall big time for this Seattle based label

9) Raw Earth Wild Sky – their clothing will make you feel like a true earth girl
10) Spun – the place to go for organic wardrobe staples
11) Stewart + Brown – they have everything you need. Most is made in USA but their site will let you know when something is made elsewhere.
12) Zaum – check out their selection of eco-friendly bags made from organic cotton, undyed felt and recycled plastic bottles.
13) Mohop – completely smitten with these wooden soled shoes that can be laced up with a different ribbon each day to compliment your eco outfit!
14) Kirsten Muenster – for times when you need to treat yourself or others to a little eco bling, this is the first place to look