Organic Handkerchiefs & Cosmetic Squares

I get a little giddy when I find super pure, good-for-the-planet products. Can you imagine my giddiness when I spotted these handkerchiefs and cosmetic squares from Hankettes? Not only do they look cute but they’re made from organic cotton, are reusable and made in Canada. What a joyous find for a Wednesday! Okay, small and simple things make me happy but I love that these products help us to live a less disposable lifestyle.

I was actually going to do a post soon about how great coconut oil is for removing mascara and eye make-up but didn’t want to encourage people to use tissues or even organic cotton eye pads because they are wrapped in plastic and then tossed away after one use. Problem solved now! You don’t have to buy expensive make-up remover either, just try applying some organic coconut oil to your eyes (which you can find in glass jars in health food stores) and then wipe mascara away with these nifty cosmetic squares.

Organic Cotton Cosmetic Squares available at Hankettes for $12.04 (Canadian Dollars).

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  1. Never used such cosmetic squares before. Looks nice, but I wonder how much practical is those in comparison with the disposable ones…

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