Kitchen Organisation

It’s amazing how organizing your kitchen can make you feel more on top of things. I’ve decanted all dried fruit, nuts, pulses and whole grains into lovely glass jars and what a difference! It’s great having everything on display. I’m now inspired to cook so much more (whether I do or not is another question but at least the culinary inspiration is there!).

P.S – To keep organic nuts, seeds and wholemeal flour as fresh as possible, pop them in the fridge and/or freezer.

3 Replies to “Kitchen Organisation”

  1. I love kitchen organisation 🙂 I do not have any currently, but I imagine it feels fantastic, it certainly looks great. I feel I would be more creative if I had a better organised kitchen, I keep ‘discovering’ things in my cupboards I forgot I had!x

  2. You definitely need to be in the zone to tackle and organize the kitchen but it’s worth it when you can start whipping up great meals!

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