Interesting Fruit Salad Recipes

Frozen Grape Popsicles (Raw Food Crafting Blog)
I found this eye-catching grape idea and image at the Raw Food Crafting Blog. Can you imagine what kids will say when they are handed one of these frozen fruity kebabs? They will be an instant hit! I know grapes don’t technically qualify as a fruit salad but they look so good (and would taste so good) that they just had to go first today.

Frozen Fruit Salad (Every Day Food)

This is such a simple but clever idea that kids and adults will both love. Frozen bananas and grapes make a great healthy sweet treat for summer.

Herby Fruit Salad (Antony Worrall Thompson)
Enjoy this unusual fruit salad with healthy creaminess courtesy of reduced fat coconut milk and sublime sweetness from honey, pineapples and bananas.

Fruit Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing (Whole Foods Market)

With an abundance of popular and tasty fruits, this salad is then drizzled with a wonderful dressing of honey, poppy seeds, fruits, cinnamon and ginger.

Thai Fruit Salad (Ed Baines)
Star fruits make this the prettiest of the pretty fruit salads. There is also chilli powder, limes and freshly grated ginger. A true taste bud delight!

Winter Fruit Salad with Sweet Tofu Cream (Delicious Magazine)

This salad would be delicious eaten warm or cold, any season. The dried fruits are accompanied by vanilla, cinnamon and a zesty tofu derived cream.

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  1. Probably you won’t believe but I didn’t try tofu cream before… 🙂 Especialy with the fruits salad.
    But I’m looking forward to taste it finally 🙂

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