Intelligent Nutrients – Aromatics Review

When it comes to ingredients, INs products would wear halos if they could. The products are free from sin and instead contain potent and powerful ingredients any organic, green goddess would approve of (for further information, links to the full ingredient lists of each product are provided below).

One of the standout products for me would have to be the organic Aromatic sprays. The cute and compact spritz bottles are ideal for tossing in your bag or for traveling and they contain the most divine scents! There is a concoction to match any mood and I personally couldn’t get enough of the Awaken aroma. The citrus symphony of bergamot, orange peel, lemon and grapefruit oils combine with spearmint and pepper seed oils to create a zingy and invigorating spray that certainly awakens the senses! The Focus aroma is equally lush and perfect for all the times I need to sit at my computer and write like there is no tomorrow. BTW, these sprays can also be used on the hair!

Intellimune Oil and Tablets
IN products are positively bursting with nourishing and good-for-the-body ingredients that smell so good you want to eat them! Fortunately, you can get an antioxidant hit courtesy of INs Intellimune Oil and Tablets. Both products ‘help battle oxidative stress and aids in fighting pre-mature aging’ and contain ingredients derived from seeds of organic black cumin, organic grape seed, organic red raspberry, organic pumpkin and organic cranberry. The oil can be consumed daily (1-2 teaspoons) and even used on the face as a wonderful moisturizer.

To learn more about Intelligent Nutrients and to shop online, you can visit their website here.

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