I Can’t Believe It’s Nut Parmesan!

I know it’s wrong to be this excited about a Brazil nut but this discovery has really expanded my culinary, cheese-less world. My bowls of pasta never used to receive that final, Italian flourish of parmesan just before serving. My homemade Italian dishes always looked distinctly un-Italian.

Then, the other night, while watching the Food Channel here in New Zealand, a chef appeared and began shaving a Brazil nut over some gluten-free pasta creation. The Brazil nut obediently flecked off fine, feathered shavings that looked just like real parmesan. I ran to the kitchen and awkwardly grabbed a grater and Brazil nut to see if it was true. Could this selenium-packed nut be that talented? Yes. Yes, it could.

Once I grated one nut it was hard to stop. Pasta, pizza, risotto, salads, bruschette, even family members all received a ceremonious dusting. Every dish and everyone was drenched in a shower of Brazil nuts. I jest of course but I could have gone that far and I am still considering carrying a mini grater and bag of Brazil nuts on me at all times just so I can be ready to show someone this new discovery. It could be a great party trick. Sure to impress the lactose-free set.

Until then, these humble pictures will have to do. They were snapped hastily as there was a delightfully, dolled up bowl of pasta waiting to be eaten. I know the Italians will scoff at this parmesan dobbelganger but pasta night just got a whole lot prettier at my house.

N.B – Just remember to eat those Brazil nuts in moderation. I’ve read that they are super healthy but should be eaten in small doses as they have a very high selenium content.

4 Replies to “I Can’t Believe It’s Nut Parmesan!”

  1. Wonderful! Will ‘fake’ my parmesan with Brazilian nut for our next pasta-dinner 🙂
    And then we know of my hubby’s reaction 😀

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