How To Eat Healthily When Travelling

I adore good, home-cooking and using vegan and SLO ingredients (seasonal, local and organic). Ever since I left the UK just before Christmas and have been traveling and living out of a suitcase (parted from my much-loved Le Creuset pots), I have really struggled to find the food I like. Plus, it can be so expensive eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

One recipe I used for many dinners as I was traveling was this couscous dish. It’s easy, tasty and economical. Using a tiffin box I had packed with me, I simply poured some couscous into it and added boiling water from a hotel or motel kettle/jug and placed a lid over it for five minutes. Once the couscous had heated through, I seasoned it with a little natural sea salt and pepper and then I added marinated artichokes and peppers, fresh cherry tomatoes and spinach. The final flourish was a generous spritz of lemon juice. This is crucial because it gives a lovely zing to the meal. Delish!

Hopefully, you can give this idea a try when you’re next traveling and remember to bring your own cutlery! This way you can eat well but still save a bit of money and excess packaging and plastic.

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