Eco Kitchen Trinkets

Vintage 1950s Seltzer Bottle – Grasshopper 510 ($80)
You could use these Argentinian seltzer bottles to hold liquid hand soap, moisturizers, oils or homemade dishwashing liquid.

Ice Cream Cone – Virginia Sin

These adorable porcelain cones would make me want to eat ice cream every day! They are sold individually ($18) and are handmade in Brooklyn using a non-toxic and lead free glaze.

Vintage Snail Planter – Hindsvik (Etsy) $45

Maybe you could store your favourite herb in this snail or perhaps a stash of garlic?

Laksha Drinking Glass – Ecocentric – £5.05
Such pretty, embossed glasses! They are made from 100% recycled glass by a small co-operative in Northern India (certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation).

Vintage Teapot Napkin Holders

– Down Vintage Lane (Etsy) $14.95
These have Alice in Wonderland / Mad Hatter’s Tea Party written all over them!

Vintage Chalkboard – From Gray to Gold (Etsy) $28

Chalkboards always look cute in the kitchen, especially vintage ones. Perfect for jotting down your shopping lists, dinner menu or favorite quotes and affirmations.

5 Replies to “Eco Kitchen Trinkets”

  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog and wanted to thank you for sharing your interesting finds. I especially like the vegetarian and eco-conscious aspects…(love your recipe selections)!

  2. Great stuff! Very cute and unique. I love the snail planter, and the idea of using it for herbs. I might just do that.

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