Decorating with Vintage Finds

Vintage Suitcase – Guest Room Supplies
The next time you have people staying, why not try this cute way of storing towels? Fold them into a small vintage suitcase or vanity case and all of a sudden your room will look very ’boutique hotel-ish.’ I also like Country Living’s suggestion of adding some supplies for guests such as dried fruit and herbal tea.

Brass Bucket Sink

Using an old brass bucket as a vegetable sink adds such a rustic and charming touch to the kitchen. I’m on the look out for vintage brass buckets now!

Vintage Mirrors

Stick to using vintage mirrors in the same color and style for an eclectic but sophisticated look.

3 Replies to “Decorating with Vintage Finds”

  1. Oh! I love the mirrors idea. Always have, always will;-) I saw someone do it once (with black frames) in a rotunda stairwell all the way up and it was just – grand! It really brought light into the stairwell too.

  2. This collection is just marvelous. I’m always admire of how the vintage stuff (furniture particularly) could look stylish and really attractive.

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