Cookbook – One More Slice

I love it when a book seems to find you. Isn’t it always the way? When you’re not looking for something, that’s often when you make the best discoveries. This cookbook is one of them. The recipes and pictures in One More Slice (Leila Lindholm) make you want to dive into the pages and start snacking with the lovely looking people who are picnicking on beguiling delights such as wood-fired pizza, fresh pasta and fruit-filled pies.

I gravitated towards the alluring bread sections in the book. You can learn how to make your own sourdough starter or try brave new bread recipes such as a beetroot baguette or rye sourdough with apple and walnuts. I also can’t wait to make a tortano (an Italian bread that can be filled with luscious lashings of roasted vegetables or portobello mushrooms).

There is also an array of sweet recipes in the book and while the cheesecakes, waffles and pies aren’t vegan, they are of course, inspiring and may give you some ideas of how you could tweak them to suit your own tastes or dietary needs. Either way, if you love pretty cookbooks that are still practical and useful, then this is one to add to your collection. I’ve added it to my embarrassingly, expansive collection. If only I could pour over the classics as enthusiastically as I do with my cookbooks.

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