How To Eat Healthily When Travelling

I adore good, home-cooking and using vegan and SLO ingredients (seasonal, local and organic). Ever since I left the UK just before Christmas and have been traveling and living out of a suitcase (parted from my much-loved Le Creuset pots), I have really struggled to find the food I like. Plus, it can be so expensive eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

One recipe I used for many dinners as I was traveling was this couscous dish. It’s easy, tasty and economical. Using a tiffin box I had packed with me, I simply poured some couscous into it and added boiling water from a hotel or motel kettle/jug and placed a lid over it for five minutes. Once the couscous had heated through, I seasoned it with a little natural sea salt and pepper and then I added marinated artichokes and peppers, fresh cherry tomatoes and spinach. The final flourish was a generous spritz of lemon juice. This is crucial because it gives a lovely zing to the meal. Delish!

Hopefully, you can give this idea a try when you’re next traveling and remember to bring your own cutlery! This way you can eat well but still save a bit of money and excess packaging and plastic.

New Year, New Zealand

I arrived in New Zealand on New Year’s Day. I did fly here but judging by the lack of posts, you may have thought I’d sailed here! We flew via San Francisco and stayed a few nights. San Francisco was freezing but fun and all a bit of a blur as we were recovering from jet lag and the big house move. I think I saw the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf and some cute shopping areas such as Chestnut Street.

We arrived in Auckland and then began our road trip towards Wellington. The scenery was everything you imagine New Zealand to be. Blue skies, warm weather, sheep and vast open spaces! When we hit Wellington we found it to be stunning but it still had that urban feel. We decided to rent on the outskirts for awhile until we decide where to buy / work / find the place of our dreams!

I have lots to catch you up on and to share over the coming weeks like the shop in Wellington selling great second-hand jeans for $4 (I’m talking Abercrombie and Fitch), the place to buy organic, package free food and the best dark chocolate (organic, fair trade and lecithin-free). I also have to show you how I survived traveling on the ‘tiffin box diet’ to avoid plastic and fast food and I also have to show you how we are setting up house from scratch, the ethical way.

It definitely feels like the start of a new life in New Zealand. I’m excited to share some of the journey here on Green Lashes and Fashion.

BTW, here’s a book I found on the shelf of the place we are renting. Hope it’s a sign of things to come!

Tara x