Inspiration Within

Where does personal style come from? How do you know whether you are a master or a slave to fashion?
I don’t know the answer to that. Fashion156 featured an interesting quote on style…

According to model booker Sandra Robbins, “a style icon is someone who relates to ‘her time’ and dresses ‘in fashion’ with a personal twist/signature.”

It lead me to ask, who inspires me, style-wise? Admittedly I don’t know much about fashion, I’m learning every single day who designs what, or even about models (I just can’t keep up). I spent the majority of the morning contemplating who I find to be the most stylish, who, I would like to aspire to be like. It’s very difficult for me to chose an actress, or a model, simply because I’m not sure if they are the ones who make the decisions. They may be beautiful, but are they visually literate? With celebrity stylists and personal shoppers, I can admire the outfits, but with today it’s hard to tell
what’s real and what’s styled and Photoshop. (Even, I am Photoshopped… eh… sometimes).

The one person who I imagined could take my breath away, is Georgia O’Keefe. From early 20th Century Stieglitz portraits through her old age, she’s stunning. If ever there were a campaign for growing old naturally, she’s it… as I ponder how I can scrape the funds to start a botox habit, O’Keefe, shows me that beauty and style comes from something we can’t see. It’s a presence that permeates every section of our being. Of course, visual literacy helps… but those are only details.

So, I’ve shared my inspiration… who is yours? And why?