Good Jeans

The other day I was feeling blue, so I had the great idea to look for new jeans. Since for some strange reason, I’ve never really scoped out the new Bloomingdales, I went to see their jeans selection. All I wanted were high-waisted skinny jeans. Like the ones pictured above from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly… I didn’t find anything like this at Bloomingdales… but it was fun trying on a bunch of jeans.

Channeling Nan…

You may have remembered a few weeks back I posted about Nan Kempner. I’ve been very interested in her, being as my hero’s usually included Karen Walker from Will & Grace. And my grandmother who still even in her 80’s wears high heels and matching handbag. Women of classic style and quick wit intreauge me, so it was natural for me to post about Nan.

Well, guess what? The de Young Museum contacted me! They would like to use the image from my post, and asked if I could be involved with the exhibition. Mary Jo Bowling, from the museum has this idea to have a portion called “Channel Your Inner Fashionista” and have people submit their Nan Kempner-inspired portraits. So I think it would be fun to submit some more photos for the exhibition. Why not? It’s fun to dress up, and what better muse than Nan Kempner, the very definition of American Elegance.

I particularly find the way she mixed couture with regular clothing, the blazer and jeans are pretty much, corporate attire in California, but when she first did it, it was revolutionary.

‘Nothing can replace the cut, fit, and love that goes into a couture outfit: it has been made by an artist. And besides, it goes well with the Gap.’

So let’s play dress up! How about send in some pics of you in Nan Kempner attire, and we’ll post them up! Also, from here until the exhibition opening, I’m going to post a little quote and fact about Nan, to get you inspired.
: )

Screen Muse

Some time ago, I was reading Swan Diamond Rose’s post about Seduced & Abandoned a film by Italian director Pietro Germi the stills she picked are just stunning, and so inspirational, it’s probably the post I think about when linking film and fashion. I love film, it’s such a beautiful way to tell a story, so inspirational. I love the visual treats and escape from reality that I can only really get from sitting in the cinema watching a really great film.

Film has become a personal resource refining my visual language, particularly in recent times when Poiret is at the Met and Gatsby is on the runways. I guess, I could just take my inspiration from inspiration… if that makes any sense, or I could look straight to the source… Luckily, the 12th Annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival is happening this weekend. I love the film festivals at the Castro Theatre, like the Noir Film Fest in January… it’s required to see at least one per year. But I’ve never seen a silent film, only read about them, and seen stills. It would be nice to take a peek into an era long past. I mean, even my grandparents are too young to have watched silent films in the cinema (they were born in the mid-1920’s) And my great grandparents? They are long gone. So I guess, nothing really quite ignites the imagination than time and beauty. If you want to know what I’m doing this weekend, I’ll be at the Castro Theatre eating popcorn & diet coke for dinner.

What lies beneath

I’m sure many of you have felt the push/pull duality of the female sexual personae. Personally… I have. Trying to find the comfortable place where I can feel good about my feminine powers. It’s been a long hard journey. I was one of the girls who developed early, and was catapulted into womanhood. I think I spent a good deal time testing out various identities, slouching, dressing in clothes that looked like a potato sack, no make-up, super tight blouses, cleavage, turtle necks… etc.

Probably one of the biggest things I did was try to hide my intelligence by speaking like a valley girl (a habit, to this day, has not been broken). Oh well, I guess you just have to get to know me to realize I’m not a complete space cadet!

There are so many mixed messages about what is sexy for women. I for one, do not feel comfortable being anything other than my evolving self.. whether it’s a short-shorts hoochie mama, or suited-up corporate woman. It’s also refreshing to note that there are women who throw out the notion of a dualistic feminine nature create and own their own sexual personae. From a latex fetishwear company Atsuko Kudo to Locher’s not-so-nice embroidered shirts, to Japanese “not-so-slutty” garders. It’s very liberating and inspiring to be able to integrate more of these details and nuances in my attire, in such a subtle way…

For Frock’s Sake…

It’s hard to say if I’ve ever spent more time browsing through a vintage clothing website as I have on The Frock (sorry Cameron Silver!). Hours, and that’s the truth. It’s almost like visiting an online costume museum. Picking some pieces to show you were probably the hardest part, there was a Victorian mourning gown that I still can’t get out of my mind.

Living in a city where I can wear coats all year around, looking for a jacket or a coat that’s something beautiful to wear as well protects from the fog and wind. Honestly, I’m not into the trench… it’s ok, but I do love these flapper coats, the silk velvet and brocade opera coat, and the silvery brocade deco coat, simply gorgeous. (The flapper headdress is also on this site, was owned by the silent film star, Norma Talmadge).
Thanks Adian for showing me this lovely site! I just love it!