Grey Weather = Grey Eco Fashion

Sublet Deborah Dress in Slate (AUS $330)
Made in USA / Rescued Silk
I adore the delicacy of this dress which has been made to order from ‘rescued silk from the garment district.’

Charcoal Heaven Tee – Mociun ($78)
Made in Brooklyn / Organic Cotton
Go the quirky way for your next organic tee purchase with this new piece from Mociun, available in a crew or scoop neck.

Vintage Gloria Gray Mini Dress – Ramona West ($52)

This cute, gray dress is super stylish and versatile. It can easily be dressed up or dressed down and it will transition very well from day to evening. What more could you want in a dress?

Long Sleeve Merrow Tee – Stewart + Brown (On Sale $32)
Made in Portugal / Organic Pima Cotton
This top is ideal for winter with its extra long sleeves and dress-like length. The lovely print also adds to the snug yet stylish vibe of this tee (available in other colours).

Vintage Beret – Lady Moon Vintage ($16)

Now that I no longer buy new wool products (you’re welcome all my sheep and goat homies), I’ve had to turn to vintage wool ware. I’m currently scouring vintage stores for gloves, scarves and oversized beanies such as this grey one to help keep me warm during winter in London.

Vintage Gray Pearl Ring – Small and Mousey ($14)
I know this ring’s gold banding is slightly tarnished but I think it adds to its vintage charm and prettiness. It’s a little cluster of loveliness!

Vintage Sarah Coventry Ring – Small and Mousey ($14)

Swirls and pearls on a ring! Its pleasing to look at and even more pleasing to buy for $14!

Polli – Australian Made Jewellery

As soon as I spotted this quirky, cute necklace, I knew I had to learn more about the design team behind this jewellery. I mean, have you ever seen a necklace with a tandem bicycle, basket packed with a bottle of wine and a baguette with a dog named Duffy on the back? Probably not, which is why I love it! It’s truly unique (and affordable).

Tandem Necklace
Made in Australia / Stainless Steel + Sterling Silver Chain
Purchase at Polli for AU $74.95

Maja Rose and Tess Lloyd are the creative duo behind Polli, which is also an environmentally conscious company that produces everything in Sydney, Australia. Here are some other equally charming and pretty pieces from Polli.

Dash Necklace – $69.95
I don’t know which is cuter, the daschund or its little jacket?

Terrace Pendant ($79.95)
Polli explain on their site how their ‘studio started in a terrace just like these in Sydney.’ The Pendant also comes in a smaller size for $49.95.

Visit Polli to view more of their Australian made jewellery and homeware products.

Umbrella Policy

For Some Reason I can’t walk out of the house with a boring umbella. I tried it once, a $5 black one from Walgreens. But it made me self concious. I used to have a Liberty print umbrella for years. It finally disinigrated. Now I have one from H&M. It’s cool, but It may not last the season.

These are ones I would think about getting: Pear Print Umbrella for £38.00. Which should be around $80 nowadays. It’s nice!

Also I found pare*umbrella which has beautiful umbrellas, that look well made…

The lace, lace lace! umbrella… is so girly. It would make me feel as if I was carrying a parasol, waiting for a gentleman to put his cloak over a puddle so my feet dont’ get wet.

Black & white

This week, I’ve been noticing a lot of black and white… simple and bold. Having lots of black and white patterns in your wardrobe leaves lots of room to play and experiment with other colors. Here’s some bits from my wardrobe…

Cape is a gift from Angel… she got it at American Rag. Thanks love!


Jacket: H&M black and white tweed… brooch from Grandma… my first style inspiration!


Shoe D’Jour: My Yellow Cons

Yesterday could not have been as fun as it was without my yellow cons. I got these in Covent Garden, London, when I was in college and obsessed with yellow. I took these with me on my trip to Dublin, which was a blur, and I think I had some Irish people sign my cons, but the ink washed off.

I always have at least two (wearable) pairs because there are days when you just want to take it easy, and I just love them.

9 Eco Sleeveless Summer Tops

Madelaine Top – Kate
Made in Northern California
Organic Cotton Voile

This sweetly tiered top is so elegant and would look cute paired with either black or vintage denim shorts or skirts. Aside from helping the environment by using organic cotton, Kate also plants a tree for every garment sold (through Trees for the Future). The Madelaine top is available in cloud, lilac or summer night colors.

Strapless Puffball Top – Round London
Made in UK
Reclaimed fabrics

You can order this ‘summer music festival ready’ puffball top above or have something similar made with your own fabrics. Just send a garment you already own and wish to alter to Round London and it could be transformed into a dainty summer top like the two featured in today’s post.

Amate Top – Zelaya
Handmade in San Salvador
Organic Cotton Knit

When you wear this gorgeous top out and about you better make the streets your catwalk because this top deserves 360 degree pirouettes, swivels and poses that involve facing your back to whoever you are with and peering coyly over the shoulder (not practical, I know but essential when wearing a top like this). The fabulous and intricate leafy detail has been made from the remnant fabric from the top. So special!

Centre Pleat Top – People Tree
Made in India (IFAT)
Organic cotton

Another great loose billowy top perfect for pairing with shorts, skirts or jeans. Available in red or slate blue.

Tory Top – Toggery by Kate D’Arcy
Made in the USA
Organic Supima Cotton

This top has Miami written all over it! The racer back design gives it a casual yet glam look and makes it very wearable for either day or evening.
Available in sun, hot, violet, storm, cocoa or white.

Second Hand Silk Floral Print Top – Diane Von Furstenburg
If you want to slip into a little designer number this summer, why not try this second hand floral DVF? It’s a Size 6, is in ‘very good condition’, likes long walks on the beach and summer holidays in Capri!

Second Hand Black Frill Top – Zara
Please forgive this pantless pick! Hopefully you can overlook the shameless mannequin and focus on the prettiness (and price) of this lightweight black Zara top.

Zara undoubtedly have some luscious pieces but I’m not tempted to start purchasing from the high street again just yet. No, I intend to scour Oxfam’s website instead to find some second hand Zara deposits! I had a peek in the Zara store in Brussels yesterday (I was accompanying my mum and wasn’t in there for myself – honest) and was quite fashion inspired! I got a lot of new fashion ideas (colour combos, outfit ideas and trends) just by browsing and not buying!

Strapless Bandeau Top – Round London
Made in UK
Reclaimed fabrics

Bandeau tops always look boho chic during summer and this Round London design is no exception. If you’re not looking to buy a bandeau top at the moment though, why not try getting creative with some skirts you already own? Just pull them up to wear as a long top or dress and if it looks too baggy, wear a belt for a little waist definition.

Caoba Top – Zelaya
Handmade in San Salvador
Organic Cotton Knit

Another sumptuous design from Zelaya that can be worn with leaves to the front or back.


Bjork has recently come out with some new music… along with a new look, which is always beyond the reaches of common aesthetics, even for performers. It got me thinking about how much of an effect Bjork had on my own personal aesthetic. Which over the course of my life is really quite profound, I really don’t know what I would be like if it weren’t for the Sugarcubes.

I would still be me, of course, but videos like ‘Birthday’ inspired my personal style throughout my teenage years, the years when you’re still trying to figure out where you fit. And I really liked the fact that she didn’t fit, and it was ok. I had never seen someone who was so unique and completely unapologetic for it. It was so refreshing living in a world of cookie cut houses that you could be just who you were. That’s why I loved Bjork’s style so much, and I’m guessing that’s why we all love her so much.

Upon watching the video on YouTube, I haven’t seen in years, it occur ed to me that I still really love what she’s wearing there, and I could probably find something like that quite easily… This dress from Free People, is a lot like the dress she’s wearing in the video. You can pair it with a long sleeve tee, which you can find just about anywhere…. but this dress, is simple and super cute! : )

Vintage Finds

I’ve been lucky with vintage lately… here are some recent purchases:

A pair of deadstock vintage sunglasses from American Rag, and a clutch from Painted Bird

I really don’t know what possessed me to buy this jumper from Painted Bird, but I just really liked the pattern and the fact that it’s a one piece. Part of me really loves this, and I have some ideas milling about in my head as to what to wear it with… maybe a zebra print scruchie?

When I saw this aloha print dress, it made me think of happy times in Hawaii. I try to make it there as often as possible, and it really is paradise. So why not wear a dress that reminds you of happy things?

I guess this officially means I’m shopping for summer. I think I’m going to have to take a break from H&M, only because it’s cheap, but every time I step in the shoppe, I drop a small fortune. So it’s better to for me to go to places like Mascara Vintage, or Painted Bird.

Second Hand

I was out and about today, trying to be good about shopping, but I caved. Painted Bird on Guerrero, is fast becoming my favorite shop, it’s nothing short of awesome. Thank god, it’s on the other side of town, so I have to make an effort to go there, but today I happened to be in the Mission, so I stopped in.

Black & White Tie Front Blouse….

Silk blouse.The photo doesn’t pick up on how vibrant the color is, it’s almost a neon pink with bright yellow and blue embroidery.

Marc Jacobs nude-colored silk skirt. This was a real find! I think it was like $30. I’m not sure if the beading was added at the factory or by it’s previous owner. But either way, I fell in love.

Cole Haan Espadrilles, these were $25 or something like that… practically new. I’m not a huge fan of rope shoes, but these are different, they’re just beautiful. Ok, I know, my apartment must be full of shoes, and let me tell you… it is.
The knee-hi socks are deadstock, and are fromVerUnica, on Hayes and Gough. Great Vintage shop! They also had some really great deadstock hosiery and dresses, but I was trying to be good, so I just got these because I could use some socks.

Two Skirts

As much as it sounds nice to be able to buy a new item of clothing every time there is some new event, the reality is that it’s bad for the bank account. Believe me, it is. So let’s take advantage of a few trends for ‘17, and that is, short and volume. I have two skirts that I love, that I’ve worn a million times. One is a black and white skirt from the Gap, purchased in spring 2014, and the other is an aubergine bubble skirt from H&M purchased in winter 2015. I still wear both the Gap & the H&M skirts, but I think they could be put to an even better use.

One thing I noticed is that my rib cage and my hips are about the same around. so pulling the skirts up to wear as a strapless dress (idea inspired from the Decades YSL dress/skirt). Some skirts will be to short, you can wear them as a blouse, Banana Republic has all these strapless tops. They are cute, but it can be done with what’s in my closet…

I’ve been wanting a bubble minidress for a while now… and it’s great to discover I’ve had it all along.