Wrecords by Monkey Jewellery

I’m always on the look out for jewelry that oozes individuality and ethics, so I was rapt to stumble across these stellar designs from Wrecords By Monkey. What was once beautiful music has now become beautiful jewelry, thanks to Wrecords By Monkey’s use of reclaimed vinyl records in each of their creations. From the Victorian style cameo pendants and earrings to the utterly unique frame and chandelier pendants, I now feel spoilt for choice the next time I need to make an eco jewelry purchase! Wrecords By Monkey – Hand made in Brooklyn.

Jewelry can be purchased online at WrecordsByMonkey’s website
(see direct links below):

George Washington Pendant– $45
Mini Turquoise Pendant – $60
Moon Phases Recycled Record Necklace – $65
Garnet Pendant – $50
Turquoise and Coral Pendants – $21

Visit Wrecords By Monkey

Vintage Finds in Linen

I came across some lovely linen fabrics over the weekend and was inspired to check out what vintage linens were already out there. I love natural fabrics and I think all these pieces tick the boxes for ethics and style.

I’ve got my eye on the scarf with the cute kitchen illustrations. I think it would look great framed on a kitchen wall.

Vintage Linen Scarf – The Birdi
Orange Sherbet Linen Top – Violet Ville Vintage
Vintage Mustard Blouse – Oma Vintage
Vintage Linen and Straw Bag – Estate Originals

Eco Fashion Finds for a Sweet Soiree!

Here are a few eco fashion pieces I would love to wear. Thanks for reading, commenting, subscribing or just stopping by!
Best wishes, Tara.

1959 Prom Dress
– Sugar Skull Vintage (Etsy) $190
This is very SJP! Sweetheart neckline, beau(tulle)ful voluminous circle skirt and a pretty, plush blush colour. Also comes with card detailing the girl who wore this to her prom in 1959!

Bring on the ring bling! I couldn’t choose just one, so here are three to choose from or perhaps wear them all at once for a little vintage decadence!

Deco-licious Pearl Vintage Recycled Ring
– Trashy Chic (Etsy) $26.95
Be a pearl girl with this stunning ring made from a vintage pearl earring.

Vintage 1950s Pink Cabochon Stone
– High Desert Rose (Etsy) $25
You don’t see many darling pinky/purple rings out there like this. The intricate silver detail around the egg-like ring makes for a rare and regal ring.

Vintage Gold Sarah Coventry Pearl Flower Ring
– Beatomic Beauty (Etsy) $18.50
A mesmerising vintage flower ring made with white pearls and ‘pink opaque cabochon’.

Signed French Knot Flower Barrette

– Poopisan (Etsy) $20
Continuing with today’s theme of girlie eco finds, here is a sweet flower clip that would instantly prettify any hairstyle.

Fly Away with Me Bridal/Evening Clutch
– Rejenerate (Etsy) $79
Made in Sydney / Upcycled Materials
Every part of this clutch makes me want it much! Okay, my grammar is slipping but I’ll blame it on the beauty of the ‘salvaged white satin and pink polka dot lining’ with vintage bird brooch. Incredible!

Vintage Red Lacquered Fan
Be truly fancy, feminine and flirty with this striking vintage fan. You could stand and flutter this at countless soirees by all means or why not display the fan in your home for a little decorative flair.

Vintage Beaded Shawl

– Best Hand Knit (Etsy) $65
I’ve always adored the bejewelled and beaded shawls and capelets from the ’20s era. This one adds a cascading, waterfall of beads over the shoulders and the peaked back is a work of art in itself.

Vintage Valentino Gold Petal Earrings
These pearl, petal shaped Valentino clip-on earrings are divine with their gold and diamante detailing.

Black Cinnamon Vegan Shoes
Made in Italy / Vegan materials
To complete the frou-frou look, why not try the ‘velvet d’orsay sandal’ with frills framing the heel and toes. The ultimate girlie and glamorous shoe. Also available in bordeaux.

Sparkly Vintage Dresses

1960s Silver DressOldage (Etsy) $64

A futuristic mini dress Barbarella would love and check out those buttons at the back.

1960s Shift DressAdelaide Homesewn (Etsy) $62

This gold speckled dress is gasp-worthy. It even has pockets at the front!

Vintage Silver Blue Party Dress
I don’t know where I would wear this dress but I do know it would have to be showed off somewhere special. I’m thinking a winter New Year’s Eve party near the Northern Lights in Norway or to the next Narnia film premiere.

6 Eco-Friendly Footwear Finds from Etsy

Organic Baby Boots (Portland)- Infusion

Handmade in Oregon
Organic cotton, hemp canvas + hemp / organic cotton fleece

I have not featured any organic baby / kids wear products on Green Lashes and Fashion before but as soon as I saw these ‘too cute to be true’ baby boots, I just had to include them in today’s Etsy feature. These boots are also available in a Pink and Green style for girls (made from corduroy, vintage linen, hemp canvas, hemp / organic cotton fleece).

Eco Toes – Infusion

Handmade in Oregon
Vintage Herringbone Wool with vintage linen weave cotton lining

The above baby booties may have made some adults a bit jealous and want to search for some similarly cute and cosy footwear of their own. Thankfully Infusion have created a lovely grey pair made from vintage fabrics with a hemp canvas sole and coconut shell buttons.

Vintage Bubblegum Pink Shoes – Avant Anthologue
I think every girl should aim to have the perfect selection of ballet flats in her life (pairs in black, metallic, patterned and finally a pair in their favourite bright colour). Bright ballet flats are a great and affordable way to add a bit of fun and personality to any outfit.
Purchase at Etsy (Avantanthologue) for $24 (size 7 or 7.5)

Vintage Silver & Gold 1960s Pumps – By The Way
I love a little silver and the added gold in these shoes makes them even more dazzling! They look so 60s, so dainty and like most cool vintage finds, these shoes still look completely modern!
Purchase at Etsy (By The Way) for $20 (US Size 8)

Vintage Pink Vegan Flats – This Year’s Model
I really thought I was a girl not overly fussed with pink things but the growing number of pretty pink eco products popping up on this site is proving otherwise! But seriously, how can you not fall for these pastel pink vegan flats? Worn with organic jeans and LBDs, they will look super sweet.
Purchase at Etsy (This Year’s Model) for $18 (size 7)

Vintage Seafoam Flats – Scottie in a Canoe
These flats remind me a bit of Morocco with their shape and bejewelled turquoise and silver gems. I think the unusual bluey green would work well as a contrasting colour for any outfit and I also love how these vintage vegan flats inject some unique mystic into a green girl’s shoe selection!
Purchase at Etsy (Scottie in a Canoe) for $25 (size 7)

Bows & Girls – Fun Eco Fashion Finds

1. Vintage Off White Bow Hat
The Vintage Closet (Etsy) $68
Hello, old fashioned glamour! This stunning and unique hat is beyond stylish and comes in a colour that would suit most skin tones.

2. Plunge Cocktail Dress – Bahar Shahpar $144

Made in New York / Organic Cotton
This babydoll style dress looks ever so sublime with the prominent bow centre front. The soft, neutral colour (courtesy of low impact dyed gauze) balances the playful nature of the dress brilliantly.

3. Bridal Betty Eco Clutch – ReJenerate (Etsy) $39

Made in Sydney from vintage fabrics
This is a luxe little eco clutch with a lovely pink floral lining. Perfect for fancy occasions or for any moments you just want to feel pretty!

4. Do-Ni Vegan Ballet Flats – $135

Made in Portugal
I can’t get enough of these divine vegan ballet flats, especially the sparkly silver pair. There are other colours to choose from, with or without medallion detail and remember that 100% of the profits from the sales are donated to participating non-profit organisations.

5. Vintage 60s Bow Pin – BBB Designs (Etsy) $20
I like the idea of using unusual and pretty pins on your jacket lapels or hats, as it adds a bit more personality. This little silver bow is simple yet special.

6. Prep School Headband – Rose Red Winter (Etsy), $15
Adorable alert! This bow-tastic headband has been made from a vintage bow tie attached to elastic. Also available in navy.

7. Vintage 60s Pink Dress

Planet Claire Vintage (Etsy) $85
I know, the bright pink almost made you miss the bow on this dress but it is there, all prim and proper as a belt. These neon bright colours are big right now but this vintage dress has longevity with ample style and femininity!

8. Upcycled Ruffle Skirt – Round London £50
Made in London
I have featured this ra-ra ruffle skirt before (which also looks like an ode to bows) but it is pretty 80s fantastic, no?

9. Vegan Mohop Shoes – from $136
Made in Chicago
Remember you can go bow crazy if you have a pair of Mohop shoes as they allow for interchangeable ribbon and fabric creativity!

10. Upcycled Fresh is the Word Frock
I Heart Fink (Etsy) $65
Who didn’t love watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air back in the day? This recycled top emblazoned with Carlton Banks and his chic bow tie, will attract many smiles and 90s flashbacks for anyone who spots you wearing it.

Upcycled Fashion Finds

The Lilian Asterfield Vest
– Lilian Asterfield (Etsy) $160
Hand made in Boston / Upcycled Neckties

Ooh, ooh! Quirky cool fashion alert! This upcycled tie vest will add a unique twist and flourish to any outfit. Dresses, tanks, black long sleeve tops, anything will work and look ultra lovely.

Sea Lilian Upcycled Vintage 40s Necktie Necklace
– Lilian Asterfield (Etsy) $25
Hand made in Boston / Vintage silk necktie and buttons

Step away from your usual necklaces for awhile and wear a tie the fashionable and feminine way.

Recycled Ruffled Glory Jacket

– Stephanie Teague (Etsy) $135
Made in North Carolina / Antique, vintage fabric

Who knew an ‘antique cotton chair cover’ could be transformed into such a cute jacket? It has a vintage muslin lining and buttons made from ‘cobalt glass Vicks bottles’. You’ll be fashion ready for fall with this upcycled wonder!

Old Gold Mini Trapeze Dress
– Maisy Brown Repro Retro (Etsy) $140
Made in Sydney / Vintage Rayon Satin

This opulent, luxe-looking fabric and use of ‘classic couturier techniques’ creates quite the sublime little dress. Wear with black stockings and heels or flats for a look that is both elegant and playful!

Lipstick Dress – Stephanie Geisler (Etsy) $93
Made in Asheville, NC / Vintage and recycled fabrics

A slight 80s vibe but still totally contemporary thanks to the crisp white top and bright pop of color in the pink high-waisted skirt (which has pockets). Gorgeous!

Crazy Paisley Orange Brocade Strapless Mini

– Maisy Brown Repro Retro (Etsy) $149
Made in Sydney / Vintage fabric

The colour, print and style of this pretty dress squeal ‘fun, young and oh so fashion savvy’.

Upcycled Frida Dress

– Whistling Sparrow (Etsy) $75
Made in Brookline, MA / Upcycled materials

Hold onto the last days of summer with this lovely, wafty sundress made from an ’embroidered table cloth, ruffled curtain and vintage crocheted lace’.

The Sweet Shop Dress
– Stephanie Geisler (Etsy) $98
Made in Asheville, NC / Vintage fabric

This pale candy-coloured strapless dress is utterly adorable, especially the bow tie back. Such a cute upcycled fashion find!

14 Eco Labels – All Made in the USA

1) Deborah Lindquist – eco fashion the haute couture way
2) Eco-Ganik – classy and feminine fashion for every occasion
3) Gypsy 05 – check out their organic line of dresses made in Hollywood that the stars love!
4) Lara Miller – the pretty of the prettiest dresses

5) Mr Larkin – creamy, dreamy, achingly cool and sweet designs in muted tones
6) Nature vs Future – envy inducing, unique pieces straight from Brooklyn, NYC!
7) Popomomo – cool tees and dresses from LA. Love the ‘Favorite Things’ scarf
8) Prairie Underground – edgy, urban girls will fall big time for this Seattle based label

9) Raw Earth Wild Sky – their clothing will make you feel like a true earth girl
10) Spun – the place to go for organic wardrobe staples
11) Stewart + Brown – they have everything you need. Most is made in USA but their site will let you know when something is made elsewhere.
12) Zaum – check out their selection of eco-friendly bags made from organic cotton, undyed felt and recycled plastic bottles.
13) Mohop – completely smitten with these wooden soled shoes that can be laced up with a different ribbon each day to compliment your eco outfit!
14) Kirsten Muenster – for times when you need to treat yourself or others to a little eco bling, this is the first place to look

The Andean Collection – Jewellery from the Rainforest

If you’ve been scouring stores for eco-friendly jewellery that will convey an abundance of style and an inspiring story each time you wear it, why not try jewellery made from rainforest seeds? A green girl couldn’t ask for more!

Classic Tagua Bracelets – handmade by Christian $20
Founder, Amanda Judge (who has previously worked on projects for UNICEF Nicaragua as well as microfinance projects in Ecuador and Peru) initially travelled to Ecuador ‘researching rural women’s survival strategies in the face of extreme poverty for her master thesis.’ Fortunately for the local artisans who make the jewellery and fortunately for us, the lucky wearers of these rare and exotic materials, the Andean Collection was born.

Jabon and Acai 3 Strand Necklace – handmade by Olga Lucia Moran $50

The female artisans in Ecuador who make this beautiful jewellery by hand, are now able to reach a wider market through the Andean Collection which ensures they are paid fair wages (more than suggested in the World of Good’s Fair Wage Guide) and are also able to ‘share in the profits of the company as partial owners’. The Andean Collection has applied for membership with the Fair Trade Federation and will be eligible after their ‘first sixth months of sales’.

Acai Earrings
– handmade by Olga Lucia Moran $19

Many jewellery items made today come from dubiously derived synthetic beads, plastics and metals but eco-savvy women can adorn themselves happily with the Andean Collection because their materials are ‘sustainably harvested from the rainforest and low lands of South America.’ Using exquisite acai, tagua, pambil, jabon and huayruro seeds is an ‘alternative way to make money from the rainforest, other than logging or selling their land to those who profit from the oil industry’.

Half Moon Coconut Bracelet – handmade by Nancy Moran $19

I find it exciting to think you can wear these little gifts from nature (many of them are collected from the forest floor once they fall) and I really love learning about how the indigenous people regard the seeds also. Apparently the Huayruro seeds have ‘been used by Peruvians for generations as charms to attract good fortune and wealth.’

Acai Necklace – handmade by Olga Lucia Moran $49

‘A cascade of acai seeds’ is how the Andean Collection describe this enchanting necklace. I personally love this necklace in fire red which would look great with an organic black singlet and jeans for summer or over dresses for an eye-catching evening look (there are other gorgeous colours to choose from also).

Classic Tagua Bracelets – handmade by Christian $20
I cannot decide which Classic Tagua Bracelet is my favourite as each colour is so utterly beguiling and I’m also loving the fact the Tagua nut does not require any trees to be cut down in order to gather the pod (which makes me want to buy more than one bracelet now). I’m torn between the multi colour and fuschia colours but visit the AC’s website to pick your perfect shade from an array of tantalizing colours.

Acai Hoop Earrings – handmade by Olga Lucia Moran $21

Many girls love a good pair of hoop earrings but if you haven’t yet got yourself a pair of eco hoop earrings that look striking and unique, then you must check out these undyed Acai seed hoop earrings (also in multi colour and pollen / natural).

Jabon and Acai 3 Strand Necklace – handmade by Olga Lucia Moran $50
‘Ooh, ooh, ooh’, I think were the highly intelligent words I squealed when I saw this necklace. If every woman could have a necklace like this in her jewellery stash, she would be quite content indeed. The black jabon and ivory tone acai seeds ooze sophistication and make this the perfect necklace to glamify any dressy or casual outfit you are wearing! The indigenous people of the Amazon also believe the Jabon seeds can ‘shield wearers from negative energy and evil spirits’.

Acai Bracelet – handmade by Olga Lucia Moran $22
I thought Acai berries were just for eating, drinking and topping up your antioxidant levels! Who knew you could wear the seeds of these wonder berries as well? This earth green bracelet stopped me in my tracks when I saw it but you can also choose from colours such as deep purple, harvest orange, fire, pollen, natural or multi colour. I could happily wear this bracelet every single day!

Waterfall Necklace – handmade by Nancy Moran $49

Named after the ‘sacred Peguche Waterfall of Otavalo’, this stunning glass and silver coloured beaded necklace is positively dripping with beauty and one of my favourite pieces from the Andean Collection. The style and colour range of this necklace is so ‘on fire’ right now and will continue to look incredibly stylish and unique and will probably require you to respond to numerous inquiries from fashionable friends and strangers as to ‘where and who’ you got your jewellery from. Just point them in the direction of the Andean Collection. You will feel both stylish and satisfied knowing you are wearing fashion made from nature and made from the hands of talented artisans who have been rewarded for their beautiful work.

What To Pack For Your Holiday – 16 Essential Eco Pieces

Here is a succinct and stylish packing list to help you feel organized, prepared and good to go for your summer holiday! Each piece on the list will mix and match with each other and give you at least 6 different outfits (more than enough for a week or two away). This robust list will also ensure you have the perfect outfit for every holiday occasion: sightseeing, relaxing, evenings out and more! Once you tick off the pieces you already own from the list and work out what items you need to buy, you can check out my suggestions for the best eco pieces available online.

1) casual top
2) dressy top
3) blouse
4) skirt or shorts
5) trousers
6) casual dress
7) evening dress
8) cardigan
9) light jacket
10) swimsuit

Shoes and Accessories
11) scarf or pashmina
12) sunglasses
13) pretty sandals
14) comfortable shoes
15) optional: beach sandals or evening shoes
16) hat

Casual Top
A sleeveless top in white or any other light color is invaluable. You will feel lighter and more refreshed and will also enjoy the fact a white top will go with every color and pattern of skirts, shorts and trousers.

Beaumont Organic have a stunning Beaded Halter Neck Top – Beaumont Organic £75 (made in portugal / organic cotton). Available in Natural and Brown.

Dressy Top
Your second top should ideally be colorful and in your favorite and most flattering shade. It’s a fun and easy way to brighten up you and your wardrobe. I would scour vintage stores for a silk or rayon top as this fabric looks a little more luxe and would work brilliantly for any dressier occasions on your holiday such as dinner out or catching a show.

A lightweight blouse with sleeves will come in handy for times when you want a little coverage from too much sun or cooler weather perhaps

Skirt or Shorts
I say one or the other because not every girl is comfortable in shorts. Skirts can be more accommodating thanks to their varying lengths of long hippy style, knee length or mini. Of course, shorts also come in different lengths but they do not always look as attractive! Anyway, once you choose what is best for you, you can then enjoy having one more option other than trousers to mix and match your tops and blouse with.

I couldn’t dream of vacationing without a good pair of lightweight trousers. I’m more of a black trousers girl, as I find it easy to throw on any top or shoes with them and I like how they can still manage to look casual or formal depending on the occasion. White trousers would work equally well and look lighter for summer.

Casual Dress

I say casual but I really think the maxi dress is the way to go. They are comfortable, flattering and so easy to toss on for a stylish look!

Evening Dress
A glam little evening dress won’t take up much room in your luggage and will be quite a godsend for when you dine out at chic restaurants or get last minute tickets to a show! Of course, a black dress would be fine but since it is summer, why not keep your look colorful and fun with a dress such as this Orange Vintage 1950s Party Dress.

The weather can still be unpredictable during summer so it’s a good idea to pack a light cardigan. I can’t recommend cardigans enough! They are the perfect layering item for tops, dresses and underneath jackets. Frank & Faith have adorable cardigan styles in various colors but the cardigan above caught my eye in particular. Frank & Faith Bethany Cardigan – Adili £21.50, was £43 (made in UK / organic cotton). Available in four colors.

Light Jacket
A light jacket is great for any holiday that involves a lot of sightseeing or active pursuits in weird, wonderful and remote locales. I’ve finally learned to always pack a light jacket after suffering in cities within New Zealand and Scotland where the weather can fluctuate between balmy sunshine to suddenly being wickedly windy. This Drop Waist Perfect Trench by Emily Katz would have shielded me from the weather while still making me feel stylish. The charcoal is made from recycled poly/hemp denim and the marine color is made from hemp/organic cotton.


Finding a glam eco swimsuit is becoming increasingly easier. This Lina Rennell Tie Swimsuit from Beklina $184 (made in california / organic jersey) is a gorgeous and unique one piece to have.

Pashmina or Scarf
Ah, the pashmina and scarf. Any supermodel or A-list actresses best friend when travelling the globe. They are great as blankets for cosier flights or travel, perfect for wrapping up during chillier weather and wonderful for draping elegantly over the shoulders during evenings out. Manumit is the place to go for raw silk scarves as their selection features many beautiful colours which are made fair trade and the raw tassel silk is also suitable for vegetarians.

What is a holiday without a pair of sunglasses? If you don’t already have a classic pair of sunglasses, you can try the iWood sunglasses (made in usa / fsc certified wood) or why not see what Etsy or nearby vintage stores have to offer? Just remember to pick the right style of sunglasses for your face shape.
Round face: square frames
Long face: wider frames
Heart shape: wider frames like aviator or butterfly glasses
Square face: round frames
Those with pale skin, may want to try tortoise colour sunglasses over black for a softer and less harsh look.

Pretty Sandals

Try and find a pair of open toe sandals that are both comfortable and pretty that will go with your trousers, dress and skirt / shorts.

Comfortable Shoes
My feet and I have learnt the hard way that it is near impossible to walk the cobblestone streets of Europe in cute shoes. Unless you are on a private tour of Florence, being ushered around by car or vespa, then I’m afraid you will have to succumb to ‘the comfortable shoe’. Don’t be too frightened though, as long as the rest of your outfit looks sleek and stylish with elegant jewellery accents here and there, you should still feel confident walking amongst the impeccably dressed and groomed European women. Don’t be tempted to dress around the trainers and think, ‘well, since my feet are comfortable, I’ll just wear a t-shirt and shorts’. You can still do comfort the glam way!

Autonomie Project Ethletic All White Sneakers – Nimli $58 (made in FLO certified factory in Pakistan / organic cotton, FSC certified rubber).

Evening Shoes / Beach Sandals
Depending on your type of holiday, you may need a pair of heels for parties, concerts and frequent fancy restaurant stops or you may only need simple sandals to slip in and out of for traipsing between beach, bar and spa!

A flamboyant sun hat is not to be forgotten. The wide brim will provide valuable protection from the sun and will make you feel extra stylish. Etsy and Oxfam have some great vintage sun hat options but the one above was my favourite with it’s bright swirl of lush colors.

Travel Outfit

trousers + any top + cardigan + pashmina + pretty sandals

Casual Day

1) top + shorts / skirt + sandals
2) blouse + shorts / skirt + sandals

At the Beach / Chilling Out
casual dress + beach sandals

Sightseeing Day
top + trousers + trainers + pashmina or cardigan (good for covering shoulders when you enter churches etc.)

Dress Up
1) evening dress + heels or sandals + pashmina / scarf
2) blouse + trousers + heels or sandals