14 Eco Labels – All Made in the USA

1) Deborah Lindquist – eco fashion the haute couture way
2) Eco-Ganik – classy and feminine fashion for every occasion
3) Gypsy 05 – check out their organic line of dresses made in Hollywood that the stars love!
4) Lara Miller – the pretty of the prettiest dresses

5) Mr Larkin – creamy, dreamy, achingly cool and sweet designs in muted tones
6) Nature vs Future – envy inducing, unique pieces straight from Brooklyn, NYC!
7) Popomomo – cool tees and dresses from LA. Love the ‘Favorite Things’ scarf
8) Prairie Underground – edgy, urban girls will fall big time for this Seattle based label

9) Raw Earth Wild Sky – their clothing will make you feel like a true earth girl
10) Spun – the place to go for organic wardrobe staples
11) Stewart + Brown – they have everything you need. Most is made in USA but their site will let you know when something is made elsewhere.
12) Zaum – check out their selection of eco-friendly bags made from organic cotton, undyed felt and recycled plastic bottles.
13) Mohop – completely smitten with these wooden soled shoes that can be laced up with a different ribbon each day to compliment your eco outfit!
14) Kirsten Muenster – for times when you need to treat yourself or others to a little eco bling, this is the first place to look

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